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Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 16, 2022.

  1. Imagine, just 1 year and 25 days after Embers getting the double zero points, we're talking about the UK hosting. Crazy.
  2. It’s probably going to be held in Glasgow if it goes ahead which is exciting.
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  3. I can barely fathom it
  4. The Fire Saga movie would have been weirdly prophetic if it ends up being in Glasgow. Not only is it it the same arena, there was also the oddity of the hosts not being British (maybe we'll see a Ukrainian co-host), and the line about UK always getting zero points, implying that they were hosting despite having not won the previous year!
  5. I’m all for UK hosting next year. As much as I want Ukraine to be able to host, flying 40 delegations into a warzone and many fans won’t be able to travel there to attend is insane.
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  6. Reading between the lines, it does feel like they're taking it away completely from the Ukrainian broadcaster, rather than considering the possibility of a co-production. They must still be livid about how badly organised the 2017 contest was.

    Also, the BBC have responded.

    Bit bad of the EBU to force the BBC's hand in this way? They could've just said "we will begin discussions wiht other broadcasters".
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  7. I can totally see the BBC selling this as a "UK standing with Ukraine" sort of thing. It also helps that the public (or at least media) reaction to Ukraine winning was good.

    Kalush & Sam Ryder interval act and maybe Timur Miroshnychenko as a co-host?
  8. I am glad they made that decision „already“. No time to waste and sadly it‘s just not possible at the moment.

    I do hope they bring Ukrainian flavor to it but maybe they don‘t want that.
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  9. EBU hasn't forced the BBC's hand at all. The BBC offered to host almost immediately after this years contest. Spain's RTVE cancelled their bid earlier this week saying the following:

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  10. I don't believe they did. They certainly didn't offer publicly unlike some other countries. That quote from RTVE could just be because the EBU told them privately that they will offer it to the BBC first.

    It's not that deep, but I just think it would have been more polite to have the conversations with the BBC first rather than announce this, as there is now more pressure on them to do it.
  11. "We have seen the announcement from the EBU" does suggest they weren't given a heads up first.

    There's no way the BBC will pass up on hosting Eurovision though. The whole notion that they think it's a poisoned chalice is a bit of a myth. These sort of events is what the BBC does best.
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  12. What date is most likely? May 13th or May 20th?

    If you look at the average of the last 10 years of final dates it works out as 17th which is in the middle of the two so didn’t help
  13. The BBC would put on an amazing show. And Im getting goosebumps at the possibilities for interval acts and co-hosts alongside Graham. It should be epic.
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  14. It would be nice, but Glasgow isn't Tory enough for the current BBC so I doubt it.
  15. I was sat in the arena as our points came in and haven't even begun to process how it turned out. So yeah, understanding the UK as runner up hosts is a way off.
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  16. Both the Glasgow Hydro and the AO Arena in Manchester have almost all of May 2023 cleared out in their schedules. I could see it going to Manchester rather than Glasgow.
  17. BBC Studios Events will be able to do a great job of hosting the show.

    The issue is the budget. The BBC is facing more real terms cuts and must be hoping the government will cover some of the cost.

    Graham Norton will obviously host the show. I guess Rylan will co-host as well. May be Claudia Winkleman ("You did great. We loved it!) or Mel Giedroyc as well.

    Alison Hammond let loose in the green room would obviously be iconic.

    Tess Daly would actually be good at keeping the show running on time.
  18. Yeah, what's the tea on Glasgow? Is it only because the Hydro has slots that people are thinking it might happen there?
  19. One of the ESC sites claims to have a "source", but then it could all be rubbish.

    If it were to be held in Scotland, presumably one of the hosts would "have" to be Scottish? Can't think of many that would fit the bill. Susan Calman?
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  20. “I’m here with the Serbian entry - Hiya babes”
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