Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

The programme suggests that the postcards this year were designed to be a bit cheaper to make and to make them personal to the artists. Nice idea but honestly, I love seeing all of the sights of the hosting country and it was really wonderful seeing the UK's postcards last year. They really should be excuse to show the host country off!
So EBU has released a statement regarding the behaviour of *cough* some delegations.

We regret that some delegations at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö didn’t respect the spirit of the rules and the competition both onsite and during their broadcasts,

We spoke to a number of delegations during the event regarding various issues that were brought to our attention.

The EBU’s governing bodies will, together with the heads of delegations, review the events surrounding the ESC in Malmö to move forward in a positive way and to ensure the values of the event are respected by everyone.

Individual cases will be discussed by the event’s governing body, the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group made up of representatives from participating broadcasters, at its next meeting.

Expect jack shit to happen.
Too bad all the good ones stayed in the semis.
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