Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

ññññ I'm kinda glad that Paloma is going just so she can leave the BeniFest alone next year cause I imagine her waiting all of 2023 like


if she didn't go. Cause... that was what she did in 2022? Guess the parents are rich or something.
I mean, I guess it could make some waves with better staging, but I just can't see it doing super well or being a contender for the win, and after coming so close last year I really thought Spain would pick something more competitive rather than going for the arts not the charts. It actually sounds more like something a country would enter after winning, when there isn't a lot of concern about performing well. Though I suppose that if this was the public favourite the jury probably just had to go with it to avoid there being another controversy.

I disagree. Eaea is for the ARTS and the CHARTS. Get into it. This will do very well in Liverpool, she just needs to hire Carmen Farala to do her and her dancers costumes, the staging was what elevated the song so I don't get that complaint at all and it was also most competitive song they had in the Fest. Vicco & Agoney were not touching Top 17.