Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

A No 10 spokesman said: “Ukraine’s victory in the Eurovision song contest was richly deserved and as the rightful winner the Government’s firm wish has been to see next year’s contest hosted there.

“If the EBU decides the competition can’t go ahead in Ukraine we would of course welcome the opportunity to work closely with Ukraine and the BBC to host it here in the UK.

“But we would be committed to ensuring it overwhelmingly reflects Ukraine’s rich culture, heritage and creativity, as well as building on the ongoing partnership between our two countries.”

Asked if the Government would help the BBC with the costs, the spokesman said “we’re slightly getting ahead of ourselves in terms of the process”.
I wonder if the government might use this as an opportunity to trial a bit of advertising on the BBC, allowing all the usual sponsor messages to appear, that we don't normally see in the UK.
What date is most likely? May 13th or May 20th?

If you look at the average of the last 10 years of final dates it works out as 17th which is in the middle of the two so didn’t help

Fingers crossed for May 20. Eurovision B2B RHS Chelsea Flower Show. What a dream!

I understand the symbolism and the message hosting the contest in Ukraine would bring but honestly...

Yeah, what's the tea on Glasgow? Is it only because the Hydro has slots that people are thinking it might happen there?
Probably because of the logistics with the BBC being across the river, they could have the opening ceremony at the Science Centre (Just don't look at Festival Park or the old docks), the media centre at the SECCCCCCC and because Glasgow is one of the few places in Europe right now that isn't uncomfortably hot.
Boris Johnson said Ukraine should
host it cause everything will be ok in a year…

He doesn‘t really have a influence to decide this does he?
Boris Johnson said Ukraine should
host it cause everything will be ok in a year…

He doesn‘t really have a influence to decide this does he?

No, he's just saying it because he made a visit to Ukraine this weekend. He's hardly going to tell them yeah you probably have at least another year of this to look forward to. The UK government website says to avoid all travel to Ukraine.
It's not just about whether or not it'll be fine for next year, it's a HUGE event, I'm sure they start planning very very early and they need to manage logistics. It wouldn't surprise me if they were starting early production planning soon so they need to know where it's being hosted asap

After Boris' comments... maybe the UK won't host it after all...
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Glasgow would be the perfect place to host it. The Hydro could have the flags of each performer on the outside lighting before each performance, has good seating capacity, the SECC for all the media, BBC across the river and plenty of hotels in the area for the performers and fans.

And I live here so obviously I want it here.