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Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 16, 2022.

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  2. I'd love my hometown to host! Especially after Düsseldorf robbed it when I lived in Berlin
  3. Manchester feels like the obvious contender though right. Really easy to get to from just about everywhere and tons of infrastructure (on the other hand I have never been to Manchester so maybe I'm wrong).
  4. Manchester is basically the UK's 'second city' so your assumption about infrastructure is well founded. Add to that, the BBC have just moved the Eurovision production base to Greater Manchester, so I think it has real potential to be picked as the host city.

    Glasgow would also be a shrewd move, as Scotland voted Remain the referendum, and so feels like the most Europe Friendly place in the UK alongside London right now.
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  5. Erm Liverpool would easily challenge that theory
  6. The Manchester Arena has great infrastructure, it's easily the best performance venue. The train station is directly underneath, we have a big tram stop, Manchester has an international airport and the BBC have Media City not too far away.

    I think the only issue with the arena is that I'm not sure where the press and all the "others" would go. The nearest convention centre would be Manchester Central. I'm not sure if there's other space in the arena itself. Maybe even Manchester Central could be reworked into being the venue although I'm not sure how would fit an arena-level production in there.

    Manchester would be a great host city, I'm not being biased at all I promise.

    Also, aftershow Eurovision party in the village? I think so.
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  7. EBU released another (and more detailed) statement responding to Ukraine's latest statement.

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  8. Right now the only people who think the war will be over by May is the Ukrainians themselves. Are the EBU really supposed to plan a contest in an active war zone? I can't imagine how awful this must be but the EBU are right.
  9. Ukraine seems to view hosting as a point of national pride. A way to say to Russia that they've done nothing to them. A message that they are resilient and strong. Which I totally understand and would probably also feel if I were in their shoes, but the EBU was correct in making a decision swiftly and not wasting time debating over this. Hosting from outside of Ukraine was the only option.
  10. The first thing that is necessary for an international contest to take place is security. You really can't negotiate with that, and hosting such an event in a country at war is not just an option. I do hope the Ukrainian people understand this and can take pride in their victory hopefully as very involved co-hosts.
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  11. It occurred to me yesterday that the Principality Stadium is next door to BBC Wales' massive new state of the art HQ and is physically connected to it with fibre optic cables. That would surely be an added convenience in terms of production.

  12. Our first artist
  13. Ooh that's one bop confirmed.
  14. I already know what the song will sound like.
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  15. I actually like her music so I'm excited
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  16. WAIT my best PJSC result?
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  17. I'm still in shock because she is just one of the biggest stars of Israel and perhaps of the Middle East?????
  18. Israel probably. But Nancy Ajram says hello.
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  19. A star tbh!
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  20. wut
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