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Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 16, 2022.

  1. This has way more potential than the American Song Contest though.
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  2. The official Eurovision twitter and KAN both confirmed Noa was doing ESC2023 publically and she instantly clarified it's still a maybe. I'm laughing at them jumping the gun.

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  3. 2023 season already a mess.
  4. UK host confirmed

  5. Here’s hoping Manchester wins the bid!
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  6. K94


    The O2 is ready xx
  7. No way is London hosting it, politically and economically they will want to showcase pretty much anywhere else in the UK.
  8. Norwich 2023 it's coming home lads

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  9. Can't wait for Jacob Rees Mogg to host it with Ricky Gervais and JK R*wling as the interval acts.
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  10. K94


    With your hosts Bimini and Delia Smith

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  11. See you all in Glasgow
  12. Graham Norton needs to be a host! I'd love AJ Odudu too.
  13. I am so down for this as a pairing - promote Rylan up to Commentator for all shows, or Green Room duty.

    I'm too giddy for words right now
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  14. LTG


    Glasgow or Manchester most likely I’d say.
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  15. If it’s Manchester then I’ll definitely try to get final tickets but I’m sure it’s insanely difficult
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  16. Hopefully me and my friend will finally get to go now it's been officially confirmed as being held in the UK. Just need to know dates now as I've been invited to a wedding in Turkey on 10th May and need to know if it's the same week or not
  17. It needs to be Ukrainian hosts to be honest
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  18. Expensive too. Might try to get a semi rehearsal ticket or something.
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  19. That broad Manc accent..


    As a Northerner I am fully on board for her to co host. Love her.
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  20. It's gonna be Glasgow.
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