Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Boppiest Portuguese entry since Suzy, love that for us. It's definitely a memorable song, performance and artist, so hopefully that'll translate to a half decent result. At the very least I'm pretty confident it'll make the final.

It’s a bop. FdC is my favourite national competition and the quality this year was off the charts.

In a perfect world Portugal could have sent three songs to Eurovision - Mimicat with Edmundo and Claudia.
I’m not sure I see a clear jury favourite yet, if anything it’d be Loreen! I can see France getting good jury support. I’ve a weird feeling that most of Loreen’s votes will actually come from the juries rather than the public, I can see the public vote being quite split on which entry to get behind. Kinda like in 2021 when all the bops cancelled each other out.

It’s a strange year. Lots of bland male entries but not many showcasing vocals. Lots of bands that aren’t very distinctive. A few clearly off the wall verging on novelty entries that will be competing for the same public votes. This year feels very much like 2020 was shaping up to be (only I like fewer entries this year) except 2020 had Répondez-moi as the clear jury favourite.
Lucky you, I wish they would’ve blocked it here too

dddd i'm screaming

It was on Eurovision though and I did... not... hate it? Yeah that's not we want from Greece (please give us some girlbops) but it's okay for Semi 2 I guess.

If it was in Semi 1 though, they would be eaten alive......
Apparently Mimicat is the first ever Festival da Canção winner to have submitted her own song (as opposed to being invited to participate in the contest), which is quite cool. She was pretty much an unknown prior to this, so that makes the victory even sweeter. She seems really lovely too.