Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

I am waiting for the day when the winner has a 2 points lead thanks to the fake San Marino televote only. The meltdowns that could come.
And secondly I think they'd struggle to meet the threshold for a valid televote (they need to receive a certain number of televotes and a decent spread across the entries I think)
It's an interesting song - I'm not quite sure exactly what I make of it yet. I think it's a definite grower.

I've rewatched the video with captions on and was surprised that only the outro was in Armenian. On first listen I thought the majority wasn't in English tbh except for the 'be good, do good, look good' bits and the first verse.

Honestly, I like the way it builds and think it will be a moment live. I can't picture the staging yet. I think it's unique enough from Dilja and Alika that it shouldn't get lost in the first half of SF2.

Do we know much about Brunette's live performance skills?