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Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 16, 2022.

  1. It's gonna be London surely. That'll definitely sellout the Abba Arena for a month. Definitely gonna try and grab a ticket!
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  2. It'll be Manchester, it's the BBC's second city.
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  3. Anywhere but London, please
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  4. I think it should be a mix in the interest of displaying ~unity~
  5. Yeah the hosts should definitely be Ukrainian, also that means we get to keep Graham for the running commentary
  6. Brighton thinking we have anywhere remotely large enough to consider hosting this. I refer you to my avi.

    If it were 2024, I could see them trying to cram it all into the Dome for a 50-years-since-Waterloo thing.
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  7. I reckon Graham will do what Terry did in 98, and just do a bit at the beginning and end, so he can still commentate. I could see Timur from 2017 getting one of the host jobs - he was all over the BBC after they won. But I think it'll be a mostly BBC/UK thing, with some "Ukrainian elements".

    Sam Ryder and Kalush collaboration will inevitably be one of the interval acts.
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  8. Slightly heartbroken that even though Eurovision is coming here, I will still be sat on my vino soaked ass watching in my living room because there’s not a cats change in hell I’ll get tickets to actually be there.
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  9. I wonder if they include non-Latin countries such as Suriname in this contest (as Latin-America is geographically something different then South-America). I hope they just went with Latin America because it sounds better.
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  10. Cardiff has withdrawn its bid to host next year. The BBC article about it makes it sound like it's between London, Sheffield, and Manchester. Glasgow isn't even mentioned.
  11. Manchester 2k23 it is then.
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  12. No shade (okay a lot of shade) but Sheffield?…
  13. I think Sheffield is actually realistic. As the BBC Gladiators reboot is being filmed there so it would just be taking the arena for a longer period of time.

    Oddly the last time the UK hosted Eurovision it was hosted in the same arena they were then filming the original Gladiators in. So seems perfect.
  14. I think the issue won’t be if they are invited but if Suriname want to.

    I don’t think the name Latin America limits it to Romance-speaking countries but rather broadens it to include a lot of the Caribbean nations and Mexico which is a huge regional country and in North America.
  15. That name does exactly that as it is a cultural region rather than a topographical one as Middle-America en South-America. But I do feel like they went with that and modern media use them as they were the same.
  16. "Cultural region"? What is the culture?

    For people in Latin America it is seen as a topographical region because there are hundreds upon hundreds of different languages and cultures.
  17. It is as generalised as that the western world (hate that term) is a cultural region in the same order (including western-Europe, Australia, Israel, South-Korea and Northern America). Mostly based on languages for Latin-America, but like I mentioned Suriname as an example does not have French/Spanish or Portoguese as official language and also has vastly different decolonisation process (over a century later) as the rest of the continent and does not belong to the qualification of Latin-American despite there being cultural similarities as well.

    Anyway. I just hope every country in Middle- and South-America can join in this contest. That was my point and not just the Latin-American countries.
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  18. But the European perspective of what Latin America is does not align with what people in Latin America know it to be. Because by your reasoning swathes of Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador would not be considered Latin America. The anthropological history and experience of the region is not singular. And as such the term ‘Latin America’ has evolved into a geographical term for people who actually LIVE in this region, and that’s the only perspective that really matters.
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  19. I think Glasgow having recently hosted COP26 will really help its bid. I have a good feeling!
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