Eurovision Song Contest 2023 - Liverpool

Heard a few here and there but only listened to all 37 entries last night.

I was shocked to have seen nobody even mention Belgium in their top ten at all? Probably in my top five. It sounds as if George Michael jumped on a dance Collab in the 90s.
Honestly, I don't get it either? I know part of it is because he upset all three fan faves (and we should be thankful for not ending up with an Ed Sheeran rip-off by Tom Dice) but it still seems too out of proportion?
No cassette this year?


This is actually crazy

I hope she qualifies just to send the fandom into meltdown. Honestly, the trolling she is getting across social media is quite cruel. It feels not in the spirit of Eurovision. Aren’t there disappointments every time during national finals? You don’t have to like every song! And isn’t that part of the fun, some of the naff, lesser quality entries?
Oh it's Polish people more than fandom btw (even though fandom is also not loving the particular song either).
Polish people thinks TVP rigged the entire NF in favor of her and the people are literally mad about it. They want EBU to disqualify Poland from the contest. They started to mass streaming RAFAŁ's "The Ride" (who is considered as another "TVP puppet") to push Blanka's song back in top lists.

Polish people wanted Jann to represent them in Eurovision, and according to some allegations Jann received 3 times more votes than the 2nd place Blanka and juries tanked him. TVP never revealed the detailed votes and everyone is left with the point scoreboard (which eliminates any voting weight).

More brief details is here, but if she wants to qualify she really needs to hit that notes.

Edit: I'm not saying how she's getting treated is rightful, I just wanted to give light to the situation.
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Did anyone manage to get any EuroClub tickets? Again our group were all trying for the Friday night with Charlotte Perrelli but they were gone almost instantly.

No Eurovision tickets, no fan club tickets. This is turning into a right sham. But I'm sure there will be other things going on.. I hope.