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Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 16, 2022.

  1. Sheffield or Manchester pleeeaassseeee
  2. MB


  3. C’mon Glasgow.
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  4. I've been pulling for Glasgow to host since it was announced (because we already have a hotel booked there), but if they could actually host it in Newcastle and I can be 10 minutes from it yes please.
  5. C'mon Northern cities!
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  6. Glasgow please!
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  7. For anyone not familiar where the cities are
  8. Plssss not Glasgow or Newcastle.
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  9. Come through Glasgow!
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  10. I've never been to Scotland so I'm for Glasgow.
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  11. Liverpool, Manchester, or Leeds would be great.
  12. The Newcastle venue is awful, the quicker that arena disappears the better. Glasgow and Leeds have the best. But I think Glasgow will snatch it.
  13. On the off chance this does land near home, is the process for getting tickets to the 'family show'/matinee run through the same as for the live/jury finals? As in do all tickets go on sale at the same time and you pick which show you want and just hope for the best?
  14. 7 cities isn’t exactly a short list but I’m hoping for Manchester obviously. I’d rather not have to travel but if I do, the closer the better so I could be happy with Leeds, Liverpool or Sheffield.

    I suspect it’ll end up being Glasgow or Liverpool.
  15. On the off chance? I'm flying back from Malaysia regardless of which city wins ddd

    Yes usually, but the rehearsal tix don't typically sell out as quickly
  16. I'm more concerned about accommodation. Hotels and rentals in the UK are expensive as it is and I'm not paying premium to stay in the outskirts of Liverpool...
  17. Generally you get put into a queue and when it's your turn you have a list of all of the available shows and an allotted amount of time to buy tickets to the ones you want. Last time I went, they had a traffic light system on the shows so you would know how likely getting a ticket would be for each. It's significantly easier, and cheaper, to get tickets to the rehearsals, but it's exactly the same show and honestly the fake votes are high key more entertaining than the actual ones.
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  18. What's wrong with the outskirts of Liverpool ddd

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  19. Isn‘t the Hydro in Glasgow booked already til end of April?

    They need the venue for about 6 weeks or more to prepare so I don‘t know if there are any alternatives in Glasgow?
  20. They'll move stuff. See here
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