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Eurythmics • Julia

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ArroganceOfTheForest, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Every now and then I get an urge to put on this song, the greatest Annie Lennox-related recording ever, and just drift away.

  2. It's criminal that this missed the Top 40 at the time.

    I was quite shocked. After all, January used to be a good time for new releases to chart, and it followed a Top 5 hit, was Eurythmics. They just didn't fail chart-wise back then.

  3. This was amazing and didn't deserve to miss the top 40. A little bit like Shame. Wonderful song that should have done so much better. . .
  4. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    One of my favourite Eurythmics songs.

    The reason I don't really think either of their hits collections are worth having is because their best songs were often singles but non-hits and they get left off the compilation to make way for MOR stuff like 'When Tomorrow Comes'.
  5. I was going to say exactly the same thing...Shame didn't deserve the same fate, although by then their chart placings were becoming more erratic.


  6. Yes 'Shame doing so badly was a real shock to me and years later when I listen to it I just hear a song that should have been top 10 !

    'Julia' of course is a stunning track and it always puzzles me why it's left of their hits type albums.

    Ive been playing a lot of my Eurythmics albums lately and I have decided I love 'Adrian' more than ever.....ah
  7. The "Savage" album in general gets overlooked, Beethoven isn't on their Greatest Hits and yet it reached #25, better than a lot of the singles that are on there.

    Julia was issued on Virgin, as part of the 1984 soundtrack project, but I don't think that's why it never crops up on Eurythmics compilations.

  8. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    'Sexcrime' and 'Julia', two of their all time best tracks, weren't on Ultimate Collection because that release was tied to the reissues which didn't include the 1984 album because it was on another label.

    Which really sucks. 'Beethoven' and 'The King And Queen Of America' are other quality tracks which get ignored.

    They really need a double disc complete singles collection, it's the only thing that will show their diversity and do them justice.
  9. I've got a lovely 3" cd single with extended versions of Sexcrime & Julia, love both. The first time I heard Julia I cried and I'm not one for squeezing out many tears (which really is a bad thing)
  10. It's a beautiful song, and the message in it sounds so broken, dispearing and hopeful.
  11. Eurythmics likes naming songs after people didn't they?

    "Sylvia" is another great one.
  12. Jennifer!
  13. Belinda!

  14. 'Winston' (s Diary)!

    I know I'm pushing it, jumping the shark etc.

    Though I do love a bit of Savage too. And Sexxcrime's my fave!
  16. Exactly. That one is magnificent - Depeche Mode's Blue Dress isn't too dissimilar.

    I've never heard Julia until now - it's not a top 40 sounding song.
  17. But then again, is Private Investigations? is Orinocco Flow? is O Superman? There have been quite a few surprise hits for tracks which are very atmospheric and not-obvious-hit-material.

  18. Of course.
  19. And this is including Star Trekkin'. I think everyone was surprised when that was #1.
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