Evelyn "Champagne" King

Evelyn "Champagne" King. Where is she? (obviously I could get an answer quickly if I googled her, but it's more fun asking here).

Bought a 3 CD set of hers today - superb stuff. Where is she? I hope she's not gone the way of Whitney.
Ok, I'm probably pissing people off by digging up these old threads but this is a prime opportunity to post one of the greatest dance tunes of the of all time....

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I'll always love this song for its inclusion on the Vice City soundtrack. I'd drive around and run over pedestrians and have sex with the prostitutes before dumping the car in the ocean and listen to 'Shame' as the sun rises.
^ I wish my life was that interesting!

Just realised I don't know anything else by Evelyn King, what would people recommend?

also, why the 'champagne' nickname? did she like the bubbly?

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She was "bubbly", apparently. I bought all the BBR re-issues - all excellent. More to come, I hope. That Altern-8 collab/remix has never been released on CD.
Cool I'll have to check her other stuff then, I love her vocal on shame so I'm guessing I'll love some of her other tunes.

I was actually looking for that Altern8 version of shame on cd yesterday! Amazing that one of their best tunes isn't on cd, I did find this though... but I'm not about to fork out 100 for an unofficial cd http://www.discogs.com/Altern-8-Best-Of-Altern-8/release/1258221

Why the hell didn't they put shame on the full on mask hysteria reish!?

Anfunny do you have the Full On Mask Hysteria vinyl picture disc? I'd read that the sound quality is crappy but I've never heard it myself, so tempted to buy it, but I'd like to know what it sounds like first!
Much as I love 'Shame', 'Love come down' is her choon. I don't like to imagine the Saturdays covering it. I'm sure they won't ruin it, but it won't be a patch on hers. Alison Limerick covered it as well. I love Alison Limerick, but her version was just, no...


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I'm In Love is one of the best songs ever, along with Love Come Down. She was so great, such adorable music.


Her ballads were not bad too!

I love this one


Teenager is also a great one.
This is my favourite ECK song............


I really want that Triple CD but it's £43 on Amazon!!!

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That's from her So Romantic 1984 album. This was her first album on CD, but only in Japan. Quite rare now. She's moved into a more synth-pop direction by this point, disco being dead and all. The album before this one, Face To Face, was reissued by BBR last year and it's an excellent package. I'm hoping So Romantic is next - in fact, I just sent BBR an email to ask if they intend to release the rest of her albums as it's been a while since that one! I hope the answer is yes, they've all been excellent. Their Pointer sisters re-issues are months and months apart, so it's taking several years to get them all, too.