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Evelyn "Champagne" King

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by shake-em-on-down, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. I've never bought an album from iTunes.
  2. thought I was the only one, I've never used itunes or ipods, I'm sure they are great but my heart just sinks when I think about that sort of thing.
  3. For me they are a last resort. Like, for instance, this weekend when I finally caved and got the Julian Lennon tracks from the Time musical, which do not exist anywhere else on anything but vinyl. Sometimes a decent mp3 is better than nowt.
  4. You have to get iTunes Zazzy.

    It's a amazual (As long as you ignore it every time it suggests you update).

    I've bought loads of individual tracks, but never a whole album.
  5. I'm not against mp3s or digital music I just don't like the way everything's becoming geared towards itunes now, I've got it on a list of things that will come to an end when I gain power, along with facebook, twitter and top gear.
  6. As I predicted/hoped, more Evelyn King re-issues are on the way! Funkytown Grooves are issuing Call On Me (1980), So Romantic (1984) and Long Time Coming (1985) as deluxe expanded/2CDs "soon". I had hoped it would be BBR doing them, but both BBR and Funkytown Grooves did re-issue her 1983 set, Face To Face, within a few months of each other! Madness. BBR's had the better packaging and more bonus tracks. BBR never replied to my email asking if they'd be doing anymore, so I'll assume they don't want my cash and buy from FTG this time!
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  7. Bump!

    Evelyn is such an iconic singer - I especially love her Get Loose and So Romantic albums...

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  8. I love all those but Give Me One Reason is the standout. So classy.
    After Give it Up its my fave of hers.
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  9. I met Evelyn once and she was absolutely lovely. So many great songs... as well as the classics, I rather like Hold On to What You've Got from the 'Flirt' album. I think it's a C&C Music Factory track, but I'd have to double check.
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  10. Give it Up is such a bop. I love Fright Night so it's a given I would love this song. I love how the movie uses an upbeat dance tune for a seduction sequence. Very effective.
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  11. I totally agree. Fright Night is one of my all time fave films and the seduction scene is amazing.
    Give it Up sounds so amazing.
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