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Every girl group member that has ever left their group.

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by SUGARPIE, Dec 15, 2020.

  1. Of all the departures in girl group history, Geri was undoubtedly the most unforgettable and remains absolutely iconic all these years later.

    To this day I still watch Giving You Everything followed by Geri 1999 every now and then, I‘m still strangely fascinated by her exit.

    Viva Forever on This Morning was her last TV performance with the girls, apart from the two shows they did in Oslo for the Spice World tour, the day before the National Lottery correct?

    Don‘t forget Nadja Benaissa speaking of the No Angels. I remember that one very well, because of the quite huge media coverage she and the rest of the band got at the time. For me probably one of the sadest ends to a girl group. It wasn‘t her decision to leave, it was them who wanted her out because of what happened. They went on as a three piece for some time but it didn‘t take long after that and they called it a day.

    The Destiny's Child situation is on a whole other level for me, don‘t know where to start really..
    There‘s an interesting reportage/documentary kind of video, quite revealing to say at least, with lots of interviews and behind the scenes stuff on Youtube. All three girls got sacked in a blink of an eye without them even knowing. I think LaTavia and LeToya in early February 2000 followed by Farrah in July the same year.
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  2. I think Siobhan left on the 7th Feb 1988 according to this press report
  3. I think Carmit was on the 7th March 2008 according to this article on the 8th March 2008 stating it was was announced on their site on Saturday (the day before the article was published).


    Would Melody Thornton not returning count? Therefore would her departure be when the reported hiatus started at the end of 2009 seeing as she never came back?
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  4. Sorry I’ve gone down a rabbit hole here trying to find out dates!

    So in the last 5mins of this podcast Louise talks about deciding to leave in 1995 but having committed for Eternal to support Take That in Europe, and her pre-agreeing that would be her last commitment. That tour ended on the 28th April 1995 so I guess she left officially the following day?

  5. [​IMG]

    I honestly feel sorry for those girls and it's still a mistery to me all those line up changes in the beginning.

    Oh, and let's not forget Katie from Australian PopStars girlband Bardot
  6. Bringing my flop nieche girl-group knowledge into this:

    Parade (remember them?) ended because Bianca decided to leave in February 2013.
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  7. How are we not discussing the most legendary girl group exit?

    So much can be said about this exit. She was already being groomed for a solo career, which did live up to expectations (but not initially). The introduction of Jean Terrell as the new lead singer (who would leave a few years later) and more comings and goings.

    Diana Ross and The Supremes!


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  8. Island

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    Katie Underwood from Bardot left in 2001.

    Aundrea and D. Woods left Danity Kane before the DK3 reunion.
  9. Mr.Arroz

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    Dddd, they just didn't call D. Woods. Aundrea was part of things before she left on her own accord - it was originally DK4 reuniting, then she departed from that ongoing grouping. She recorded vocals that had to be re-done/replaced by the remaining three women (and which finally gave Shannon more leads)

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  10. The Nolans spring to mind....

    Denise left first, then Anne, then it was a bit confusing who was in and out from then on....
  11. Frankee Connolly left M.O in March 2017 (though it wasn’t announced til June). Nadine Samuels left M.O around March 2020 (still not announced).

    Does it count if they left and missed commitments but were persuaded to return before the departure was announced?Nicole Appleton left All Saints in late 1998/early 1999 as they were about to tour America.
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  12. Of course, there is also Bonnie Pointer leaving the Pointer Sisters in the late 70's, and June leaving and returning several times.
  13. I’m still not over Geraldine leaving.
  14. An Australian one:

    Robyn Loau left Girlfriend in 1994. Then Jacqui Cowell left the re-branded gf4 in 1995, shortly before the group disbanded.

    I'm not sure if they count as a 'girl band' but Nina Gordon quit Veruca Salt some time in the late 90s (not sure of the exact date, but it was after 1997 and before 2000).
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  15. Lemonescent - Lisa Harrison March 2003

    3LW- Naturi Naughton 21st August 2002

    Clea - Chloe Morgan May 2004

    • Monica "Mimi" Doby 1995
    • Kina Cosper 1997
    Allure- Hem-Lee (aka Linnie Belcher) 2001

    A bit morbid and maybe not the tone of the post but there are a couple examples of members passing whilst the band were active (Left Eye, Natina Reed, Mel Appleby).
  16. Diana Ross, wonder how this would fayre for her....
  17. In November 1997 German female rap group Tic Tac Toe, who were then enjoying some international success, were holding a press conference to clear up the scandalous revelations in the press and to show the group's unity but ended up like this:

    Ricky Wältken (the girl in the middle) left soon after.
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  18. Ahhh Tic Tac Toe almost forgot about them, they were quite big at one point in the mid/late 90‘s I remember.

    But isn‘t Ricky the one on the left with the white coat actually? Quite brave of her to go and get interviewed on a popular late night talk show, trying to solve the problem that very same day.
  19. I don't know as much about European groups but Jessica leaving Girls' Generation in 2014, arguably at their zenith, was pretty earth-shattering. The timeline is a bit shrouded because Korean labels play their cards quite close to the chest, but it seems she was asking for a hiatus and missing commitments throughout early 2014 and SM finally dismissed her outright.
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  20. Bellefire - Tara Lee (sometime in 2002, after the label change)
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