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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Uno, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Uno


    Just watched this yesterday and it absolutely deserves its own thread. It's the most ridiculous movie I've ever seen; absolute BONKERS in the most perfect way. Just when you think it can't get even more ridiculous - trust me, it does. It's absolutely a must see - I can't imagine Michelle Yeoh not getting Oscar buzz from this (although they'll probably snub her because it's not a "serious" enough movie).

    I need more people to see this so we can discuss the chaos!
  2. Agreed! I posted about it already in the Marvel thread (ddd)

  3. A magical experience. It’s been a long time I loved a film this much, and it probably will be a long time before it happens again.
  4. Is this available in streaming platform?
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  5. I’ve been patiently waiting for a UK release date but there’s still no sign of one. I suspect this is going to end up on streaming here rather than a wider release because UK distributors simply lack any imagination.

  6. So glad to be living in the Age of Michelle Yeoh.
  7. I honestly hope this doesn’t happen. But I think you’re right sigh
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  8. There was a rumour it was going straight to Sky Cinema this month, but it's been denied.
  9. Going to see this next week, I’m excited!
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  10. I don’t have the words to say how much I loved this film, but the one thing I want to share (I don’t think this is a spoiler but I’ll play it safe):
    Jobu. Tupaki’s. Outfits.
    Queen of Pop.

    Seriously, go see this film. What an experience.
  11. I just read Awkwafina was the first cast for this role and I can't imagine that disaster. Stephanie was perfect, iconic, an oscar worthy performance TBH
  12. This is one of the best 10 films I've ever seen in my life. A+ 10/10. Run, don't walk to see this.
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  13. What a fantastic, interesting way to tell a story with these themes. My eyes were watering for the entire last act. I loved every single moment of this entire film.
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  14. You had me at Michelle Yeoh. I’ve been a stan ever since Star Trek: Discovery and her CAMP turn as genocidal and sassy pansexual Emperor Georgiou.
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  15. I'm desperate to see this - any news on a UK date?
  16. I saw the trailer a couple of weeks ago and have been looking forward to this film since. I've just found out that it's actually coming to cinemas in my country, which is totally unexpected. I'm going to be there and I just know I'm going to cry.
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  17. Oh my god? I just got home from seeing this and feel cellularly changed. It is a once in a lifetime movie-going experience seeing this unfold, but repeat viewings will illustrate how beautiful it is. The whole cast is great but Michelle Yeoh is gripping. Definitely recommend seeing it in a theater if you can.
  18. What is going on with the worldwide release of this? No indication whatsoever of when this is gonna hit Spain. There is so much hype - whack it in theatres immediately.
  19. I saw it last night too and it was such a blast. I particularly loved that there were clear themes and a very solid emotional chore under all the chaos. I honestly don’t know how they managed to balance all of that chaos so well too.
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