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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Uno, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Decided to pamper myself today and this movie was definitely the cherry on top!
    Michelle Yeoh is simply magnetic and the movie was so well acted for how bonkers the whole concept is. Magnificient!
  2. This move is perfect. It is literally the best movie of the year.
  3. I cried just as hard on a second watch. This film is just beyond beautiful.
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  4. I'd better be able to watch this in an actual cinema or there will be scenes.
  5. I will definitely see this if it comes to UK cinemas!
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  6. Yeh is this getting a uk release..?
  7. So. I'm a little afraid to post.

    I like it a lot, I do, and Michelle Yeoh is as great as everyone says, but the film itself didn't win me over as much as it seems to have everyone else. I thought it telegraphed where it was going, both plot wise and emotionally, too much and too easily, and we repeated several beats over and over. I also think the script is a little confused with itself, the writing is very confident but indecisive.

    What I do love is its originality, and how packed the theater was when I went to saw it, in the middle of the week and filled with Zoomers. I just don't think it's quite the smash everyone else does.
  8. I am literally fizzing with excitement for this to come out, but no word of a Spanish release date yet.

    The Film Twitter gang is really saying it’s worthy of Oscars - it will be interesting to see whether it maintains the hype for a whole year. I feel like it will have to allow itself to die down a little for a few months and then reignite the spark closer to the time the so it doesn’t burn out if it wants to survive until the end of the season. And it seems like the natural discourse of anything beloved these days is that a backlash will happen eventually, it’s just about choosing the correct time to allow the back lash to occur. I don’t recall a film being released this early making it through to the final stages?

    Also, I saw an interesting take about how Letterboxd’s boosting of this film is like Tik Tok’s relationship with hit songs and the Billboard Charts, and how one can really influence the other. Perhaps Letterboxd is more powerful than anyone initially thought.
  9. Saw this on Friday and I'm still thinking about it. Totally lived up to and even exceeded the hype. It was smart and funny and surprisingly emotional
    I started crying during the "just be a rock" scene and didn't stop until it ended tbh.
    It might break my heart but I'm holding out hope that Michalle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan get some awards attention from this, they're both incredible.
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  10. That scene was probably the most touching thing in the movie. Hard to imagine something like that simple can be so moving.

    Undoubtedly Michelle will get some nods, it’s great to see a project showcase her acting chops. I was totally blown away by Ke Huy Quan. Never knew he could perform like that. Granted I’m basing this off the dozens of times I’ve seen him Goonies and Temple Of Doom.
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  11. I didn't cry at that part, but I was did cry at this later part:
    When (main character universe) Waymond said he was confused all the time, but lately everyone's upset and he feels like it's all his fault, that got to me. Then (movie star) Waymond started talking about how his kindness is a strength and not a weakness, and I cried more. Then he capped off that whole speech with how he'd love to do laundry and taxes with her, and I completely fell apart.

    I'm tearing up just thinking about it.
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    This was a blast. I'll be honest and say that I don't think it was without faults, but I also can't remember the last time I had so much fun watching a movie. It was absolutely wild from start to finish and I enjoyed it immensely.
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  13. Finally coming to UK cinemas on 13 May!
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  14. I really want to see this, but it's not playing in my city. Meanwhile, Fantastic Beasts is playing on 3 screens...
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  15. Can anyone tell me as a percentage roughly how much of this is not in English?

    I’m in Spain so the subtitles during the non-English parts will be in Spanish and my Spanish is crap!
  16. I'd say about 15%... I watched in Malaysia so they have as standard two sets of subtitles (Chinese and Bahasa Melayu) for English films, so when they needed to add English subtitles a third of the screen was subtitles, and they forgot to do it for some parts. Really the film's such a whirlwind that it doesn't matter if you don't catch every line.
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  17. This movie was a ride. Truly an experience that must be had in theatre.
  18. Just saw this and I'm blown away. Don't remember the last time a movie made me laugh so hard I could skip my ab workout and genuinely moved me to cry and had top-notch action sequences and had an innovative concept with artistic flare and it all worked perfectly. A masterpiece.

    A friend asked me what other movies it's like and I said The Matrix meets Being John Malkovich meets Brave meets Kill Bill.
  19. My poor boyfriend is currently listening to my hour-long monologue about us living in a multiverse; there is one in which I absolutely loved the movie, and there's another one in which I hated it, but I, just like Evelyn, can access both, and I'm stuck in the middle with an irritatingly chaotic and mixed opinion. I feel like I want to love it, but I can't.
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  20. This is one of the best movies I've seen in a while. It felt like I was in a roller-coaster the entire time. So brilliantly written and well-made.

    Michelle Yeoh is a legend and this feels fitting for her.
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