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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Uno, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Saw this today and it is as bonkers as it seems. Several laugh out loud moments. Need to rewatch it to fully appreciate I think.

    Wait, Waymond is the kid from The Goonies???!!! I did not realise!

    Michelle Yeoh is fantastic bit Jamie Lee Curtis steals the show in my opinion, particularly with her awards.

    The set up to Racoon-a-touille being an actual thing was the best part for me. I could empathise so much as my Asian parents frequently misremember and mispronounce films and friend's names.
  2. Booked to see it next week in IMAX - Cineworld are doing advance screenings but in very few venues, and it's likely this will be the only chance to see it in IMAX as those screens will be monopolised by Doctor Strange and probably Top Gun in the coming weeks.
  3. I'm seeing next Tuesday I could pee!
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  4. Best movie I’ve seen in years.
  5. My local film society is actually going to have a few screenings of this, so I might actually get a chance to see it!
  6. After I got out of the cinema, I went to the bathroom and realised that I was literally buzzing from the sensory overload and explosion of love that was that movie. It served up so much that perfect elements (the performances, the raccoon, the hot dogs, etc.) made up for some of the shortcomings (the pacing and beats being a bit laborious/repetitive at times, as was previously mentioned). Audacious filmmaking and a fantastic time at the movies.
  7. Fuck this was A LOT. completely different than I expected yet somehow important? So many of the movies I've seen recently have spoken to my inner ennui
  8. I am so fucking glad Stephanie Hsu replaced Awkwafina!
  9. Stephanie Hsu was incredible. I want to see more of her!
  10. I saw this last night and I feel changed.

    There's so much to unpack but that alleyway conversation opened the floodgates for me and I was a wreck by the end.

    I think my favorite scene aesthetically was
    Jobu Tupaki arriving as Evelyn was dying near the beginning. Her nails changing colors as she approached and then her leaning over Evelyn with the sequence of head shots before she died in the baby bib was incredible.
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  11. Although the fact that this will likely be its only IMAX screening helped, it was great to see a full cinema last night.

    I'm SO glad it didn't end up going straight to Sky. What a waste that would have been.
  12. It’s difficult for actors to authentically portray teenage angst and nihilism without veering into melodrama, but she played the part perfectly.
  13. I don't disagree with this, but Joy is is supposed to be late 20s/early 30s, right?
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  14. Oh right dd
  15. What a completely bonkers film that I have every intention seeing again! Michelle was just perfect and killed it with her performance!
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  16. Genuinely think this is going to be one of my favourite films of all time. An absolute masterpiece.
    My husband hated every second though so…
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  17. My head and heart is full. This was the most creative thing. Laughter and tears throughout. My first tearing up moment was when

    Jobu Tupaki said ‘nothing mattered’ - not sure why that hit me like a truck.
  18. I saw it today. So creative, like nothing I have seen before. I absolutely loved this film but I could feel my boyfriend getting restless and looking at the time, it took me out of the experience a tad. I may go and watch it again, alone this time.
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  19. Insane and brilliant. I laughed and cried so much.
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  20. I'm so sorry. Divorce is hard.
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