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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Uno, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Genuinely don't understand at what point you could get bored of this
  2. I absolutely adored Act 1 but thought it lost its footing slightly for maybe 10-15 minutes in Act 2 before winning me back over as it reached its crescendo. Just felt it needed a bit of an edit and that some thematic elements were repeated a little too much to the point where it started feeling laborious.

    Thought it was brilliant on the whole though. Inventive, ridiculous, silly, touching, grandiose, life-affirming. Never seen anything like it before and not entirely convinced I'll ever see anything like it again. A true original.
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  3. Seeing this tomorrow, very excited.
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  4. Welp, I didn’t really like this! I think it was a classic case of me having my expectations wayyy too high - I was ready and willing for this to be an all time fave and to me it just felt a bit … muddled. Something about it just didn’t click for me and it all felt a bit flat.

    I definitely respect what it’s doing and the acting / production / visuals were all great. It was just the story which didn’t quite hook me in. And I definitely feel compelled to watch it again - there was enough intriguing material in there for me to warrant a second watch, and maybe it will fall into place for me a bit more.

    A shame, because I was so excited for it and I wish I felt as delighted by it as everyone else!
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  5. Every time I think of the world with hotdog hands, I just start laughing. I don’t think I’ll ever not find those scenes hilarious.
  6. Also for some reason I found Jenny Slate’s scenes absolutely hilarious. She was perfect in that one small role.
  7. So good! I wanted to buy the hotdog hands from A24's gift shop but it was sold out (which is for the better cause why do I even need it??)
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  8. I fucking STAN Jenny Slate she should be in every movie ever.
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  9. I literally spent like 75% of this film sobbing. It's such a great film.
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  10. Was rewatching Taskmaster Series 7, Episode 10 and the live task involves sausage fingers ...(38 min mark).

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  11. I’m so glad I watched this blind and in a theater with friends. We were all totally into it!
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  12. I haven't seen a film this good in such a long time I almost forgot how it feels like to watch a movie and want to rewatch it straight away. I was engaged, I was laughing, I was both entertained and challenged, I even tore up a little bit during one scene - it was a whole experience. It made me think of how very few movies actually manage to tick all the right boxes, especially while successfully maneuvering through such complexities as this one. Sheer brilliance.
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  13. I think the peak of this movie is lesbian hotdog-fingered Jamie Lee Curtis.
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  14. That was absolutely incredible. I loved absolutely every second of that.

    My only quibble is that I wish the final part of the film with the bagel was a bit clearer in with which universe was the main one if that makes sense.
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  15. I liked this even more the second time round and it was already one of my favourite movies of all time.

    Was pretty much crying/choked up from "everywhere" onwards.

    So fucking clever, you think it's going to be standard scifi fare then it turns into existential philosophical amazingness.

    A masterpiece.
  16. Just got back from finally watching this at the cinema. It’s like nothing I have ever watched before in my life. Absolutely bonkers in the best way possible. Stunning and a real masterpiece.
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  17. When Rock Joy rolled off the cliff


    When the racoon got taken away


    When Gong Gong said 'girlfriend'

  18. Fuck this was incredible. I want to find 3 hours in my life to rewatch it!
    I also want someone to post literally every frame from those super intense scenes where universes changed faster than I could register. I saw some of them on Twitter, some Easter Eggs here and there, but it's incredible what they pulled off with a limited budget.
    Sob story alert: My mom doesn't accept me or my boyf either. His late mom, who he never came out to, was also beyond hypercritical to the point where they haven't talked for three years before she passed away, only exchanged a couple of last phone calls before it happened, leaving him with guilt to carry for a lifetime. Family can be so difficult, and it's something that really stung while watching this. Knowing your parents love you in their own way, yet they can also damage you like no one else.
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  19. This film was amazing. I got so choked up at it, it's astonishing. Sometimes hard to follow when it's so intensely detailed, but you can let go of it and just enjoy the rush.

    Love the 'Evelyn Wong as Michelle Yeoh' moments at the film premiere, and the atmospheric 'In the Mood For Love' scenes, such subtle nods.

    Jamie Lee Curtis needs praise as well, her range of tone throughout all the universes is amazing. Such a crabby bitch that makes you feel so much softness and tenderness in a short amount of time is impressive.
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  20. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Pan's Labyrinth and Donnie Darko are my 3 favourite films ever.
    It's been a long, long time since I've watched a film that gave me the same feeling those 3 did... and this one did it to me. I feel like such an old man saying this, but they just don't make films like this anymore which I guess is why it felt so refreshing watching this. A masterpiece.
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