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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Uno, Apr 8, 2022.

  1. Discovered this today! It's... definitely quite something, and a spiritual prequel to this film.
  2. I know it's early but how do we feel about Oscar nominations?
  3. It came out way too early in the cycle and the Academy isn't usually too kind to ~genre films so I wouldn't expect more than a cute nom, if it even manages that.
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  4. Michelle will definitely be in the conversation. I don’t see much outside of that and screenplay, but it will definitely be in the mix if only to get snubbed once award nominations come around.
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  5. Seems like a shoe-in for the technical categories (special effects etc).
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  6. I think editing, original screenplay and costume design have to be on the table, but I really hope the Academy voters don't sleep on Michelle. She deserves.
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  7. I think I'm going to see this again in the next few weeks. I haven't stopped thinking about it!
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  8. I watched this again last night and the attention to detail is just stunning. What a movie!
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  9. It's been a long time since I watched something as creative and life-affirming as this. In a way, it reminded me a lot of how Pixar take human stories, as simple yet complex as they are, and paint them with animation, but this time with absolutely bonkers ideas. And it all worked.
    I cried my eyes out and left the cinema with such a warmth in my heart, and not to be overly dramatic on main but a newfound appreciation of life and the human experience. Nothing matters except of the meaning we give to everything, even if it's doing laundry and paying taxes.

    Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan (I still can't believe he's the kid from The Goonies!!!!) deserve all of the awards. I need to call my mom now.
  10. What are you guys on? Michelle is going to be the clear frontrunner. Such a memorable performance. There is no way this movie won't be re-released during awards season. Its been in the top ten for weeks. Best actress, best ensemble, screenplay...just you wait.
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  11. I watched this again last night as part of a work LGBTQ+ Film Club and I cried again at the damn racoon.
  12. I can see it getting lots of noms. Literally everyone I know has been raving about it. Can’t think of any other recent non-blockbuster movies getting this much attention.
  13. I do think this movie could easily go the way of US and get snubbed, especially considering Lupita gave a similarly multifaceted brilliant performance in a genre film that was box office gold. But I’d love to be wrong!
  14. I’ll be surprised if that happens.
    Despite Lupita’s great performance US was never universally praised. Also its muddled themes didn’t help. Despite its zaniness Everything Everywhere is pretty straightforward with what it’s trying to say. Much more easier to digest.
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  15. Watched it for a second time tonight, it’s even better on the second visit. Give everyone all the awards! Michelle Yeoh, that’s my mother!!
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  16. I could see a Best Picture nom. Get Out and Fury Road were unlikely contenders that got in on sheer acclaim and this film’s got a similar buzz around it.
  17. It SHOULD get:

    • Best Picture
    • Best Original Screenplay
    • Best Actress
    • Best Supporting Actor
    • Best Supporting Actress

    ...and possibly also Best Costume Design, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (Jamie Lee Curtis), and Best Visual Effects.

    I agree the timing was awful (HOW did they not think Michelle's performance wasn't worthy of a more nomination-friendly time slot?!?), butttt...it's not like there have been many other great films this year, and we're halfway through. True that more Oscar fare will be released later, but...I think we might still be in the tail end of a pandemic content slump (Everything would have swept last year's Oscars). I have hopes it will get a re-release and a big push at year's end.
  18. Is it worth the £15 to watch on Prime?
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  19. I believe its getting its DVD release on July 5th so will probably be cheaper then. But it would be worth the £15.
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