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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Orange Theory is posting short workouts that can be done at home. I think you can find them on the orange theory reddit.

    I’ve been getting back into my yin yoga videos because they’re all about stretching and being mindful. Which I think is beneficial at this time.

    I’ve also been doing those 1 mile walk at home videos that make you do different types of steps. These are the videos I did when I started my fitness journey four years ago so it’s a bit surreal.
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  2. My housemate has been setting up a home gym over the last year, and with the last of my work health benefits to top it up i should be lucky enough to have a coping mechanism for the next few weeks.

    Has anyone ever done a virtual marathon? I feel like that would be be really helpful in keeping me on track, but I'm not sure which ones are actually good.
  3. Any help and advice anybody on here has regarding home workouts - links, clips, signposting etc. - would honestly go such a long way for me and I'd be really appreciative of anything y'all are able to recommend.

    I'm aware that there's bigger issues at play but I've used exercise as pretty much my central way of keeping myself in check for the past two to three years and I'm slightly worried about the prospect of no set gym routine for the foreseeable. When my mental health was at its worst, I'd fall into patterns of drinking alone of an evening and the gym - or, more accurately, having a measured process of sustaining progress and well-being - became the way I got out of that, realising that if I wanted to look and feel better about myself that it had to stop for the benefit of being able to go to the gym each day. Without sounding dramatic, it's sort of been the thing that saved me? Monitoring my weight, progress and personal bests has become a way of life, as well as fitting my life around the gym than the other way around.

    I try to go 5-6 times a week (free weights and machines, with some cardio either side on like two sessions a week) and am pretty active outside of that (I don't drive and walk 30 minutes to and from work each day) so aside from going back to my parents and walking the dog, I'm keen to adapt to anything anybody can provide that works for them if it helps me keep focused.
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  4. Would you recommend it? Saw it advertised and was thinking about opting in now!

    Definitely looking for any video links or good YouTube channels to help right now.
  5. I have started to binge eat again out of isolation and anxiety. It is not going cute at the moment. I have been trying to check out "exercise at home without weights" videos but they are so taxing, i can't deal. I need some beginner level moves.
  6. Peloton has a extended their free trial on their app from one month to three. I signed up recently and they have a ton of classes ranging from body weight, yoga, cardio to strength training and so on. For those looking for new home options since gyms are closed, this seems like a good one for the time being.
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  8. This prompted me to look for guided yoga videos on Youtube. My employer was organising and paying for weekly yoga classes, and now that I have to work from home I know I'm going to miss them.

    Yoga can be quite challenging as well when it comes to strength and holding positions for long periods of time so it could be something else to try at home?
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  9. Yes absolutely. There are all sorts of yoga practices on YouTube. Search Power Yoga and you’ll find a bunch of strength focused routines. Also any balancing practices are great for strengthening your core.
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  10. I have been going a bit nuts so I just went and got an entire home gym from a sports consignment shop Hdijdjdjfjf.
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  12. I'm doing these.
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  13. So I ended up picking up four 45 pound bumper plates, an Olympic barbell, a bench, and a squat rack. Doesn't sound like a lot but I feel a bit manic as it was over $1,000 Jfhsdkajlfdslfa. Now I'm obsessing about building the perfect home gym and am scouring the world for some more plates.
  14. R92


    Well, finally establishing a gym routine after 27-long-ass-years came at the right time...
  15. Maybe we can pick a workout video and kinda do it together virtually?
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  16. Nn I bought adjustable dumbbells that hit all increments between 5 and 52.5 pounds. And an exercise mat. Going airplane emoji fitness influencer
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  17. I bought a jumprope on Amazon the other day so I can go get some cardio in at the park while staying 6 ft away from anyone else.

    I did a body scan this last weekend and was excited to see I lost 3 pounds of fat and gained 1.5 pounds of lean mass in the last 6 weeks, meaning I’m up 16 lbs of muscle and down 4 lbs of fat since I started going to the gym back in August.

    Can’t wait to lose all that progress and gain the Covid 15.
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  18. I just picked up an additional 300 lb. set of plates, another barbell and some dumbbells. Time to charge black market gym admission fees to my house.
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  19. I’m using this account - mainly cos she chooses good music with playlists which she added to Spotify. Had LA Mix of Don’t Start Now, Stupid Love etc. There’s live sessions, but they get uploaded to Instagram TV after. Would recommend!

    (Not showing up for some reason: it’s @lisaslivingroom on Instagram)
  20. Thanks! I tried Freeletics for the first time this morning... haven't sweated like that after a strength workout in a while! Going to mix this with runs outside (there's a park near me which leads onto a massive, open-space marshland area with wide paths so that you're able to avoid people).
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