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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I really struggle to exercise at home, the gym has always been the place where I do ALL my exercise and I really push myself. This attitude is going to have to change fast before become a couch potato and balloon.

    Is it okay to go outside for a run?
  2. I still have 12 sessions left with my PT. He sent a text when BoJo announced gyms were closing saying that 'he's got me covered' - I don't know what that means - curious to see what his plans are. The gym that we use has loaned out all of it's equipment to the members until they're able to open again.
  3. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Maybe he’ll program an at home workout? My friend uses a personal trainer and she was given a Tabatta workout to do at home by hers.
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  4. I stopped going to the gym the second they announced all those drastic cleaning procedures. I'm used to cleaning up after myself in the gym, but that shit scared the hell out of me. Just wasn't worth the chance of getting infected, or infecting others.

    I have weights at home, and ironically we just got rid of our treadmill. Garden is pretty big, so can do some laps round that if we can't leave our homes.
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  6. Does anybody have any recommendations for instagrams or YouTube channels with full on workouts where you don’t need equipment?
    I know about @lisaslivingroom but i always like to switch it up!
  7. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Orange Theory on YouTube.
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  8. ADM


    I think I'm gonna get resistance bands tomorrow. I don't know why considering I've done nothing since the gyms closed.

    I need to start doing something..
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  9. I've started Insanity again. It's kicking my ass again. But feels good to be sore again.
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  10. I love this workout. It's very easy to follow, and it's become my daily go-to workout routine now that all the gyms are closed.
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  11. These people instagramming their home workouts with awful form, I can’t
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  12. I get easily distracted at home so I've been trying to keep my home workouts quick and intense. I borrowed this idea from a PT hunty and it's done me well so far: 2-3 rounds of a series of 2 circuits, with 4 exercises in each circuit. 30-60 second rest between circuits, and 2-5 minute rest between rounds. I've been doing the same split I'd do at the gym (push/pull/legs) with much higher reps since I only have lighter dumbbells and resistance bands. The bands are a worthwhile investment. Versatile, cheap, and easy to store.
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  13. Y'all are making me feel a bit better about splurging on resistance bands and one of those 'perfect' push up handle sets. I've been trying to do the Orange Theory sessions at home while my location is closed but of course I pulled something in my leg doing one of the squat circuits so I guess it's outdoor walks for the next couple of days.

    I think what makes me the most anxious about this in relation to my fitness is when I think about how long it'll end up being and just how much progress I could risk losing. I've been spiraling regularly into the childhood obesity paranoia where I feel like I'm going to just slip off the cliff and be back where I was when I was thirteen. I know there's a middle ground where I'll almost certainly end up: lose a bit of muscle mass but not significant weight base. I'm just...having a tough time making myself accept that as the reality as opposed to my worst fears.
  14. ñññ I might have to start with it cause I have literally no excuse these days.

    Which one are you doing?
  15. The left pedal of my exercise bike decided to almost fall off somehow so I'm freaking out over here. Talk about timing. I got some superpowerful glue -so they say- so I'll try to fix it with that and PRAY it works because otherwise I'm predicting a few difficult weeks.

    I'm tempted to order another bike in case I won't be able to fix it but in this economic climate I'm not sure it would be well spent money. Rant over.
  16. My workout routine basically resulting in me frantically running around my sofa in circle and pulling off injury-inducing dance moves that I can't quite pull off while Get Together by Madonna plays in the background for 40 mintues a day because of Miss Corona. Iconic.
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  17. Me after three days of strictly outdoor walking because it's more cardio than I've done in years

  18. I have resorted to Just Dance 2017 (it's the only one I own) for cardio and luckily 2 weeks ago we bought some home gym stuff just in case.

    I did get max stars today shaking my ass to Cotton Eye Joe so that was worth it.
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  19. Literally same. I never ever ever exercised before the pandemics because 1. I don't like it and 2. I don't drive so I do literally everything by walking. With the quarantine I've been missing my daily walks (it'd be more or less one hour/day of walking) so I had the idea to go up and down the staircase tons of times (I live in an apartment building, 10 floors).
    One week of doing this and I'm already going up and down the stairs four times a day and I can visually see the weight loss. I never thought my fitness life would be kickstarted by a pandemic.
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  20. I joined a Whatsapp group made up of people from my gym, as I felt it would be good motivation for keeping up a workout. I was on my 11th day in a row of doing free weights indoors and a run outside, when someone in the group messages about their belief in the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory. Since then, I've spent the last few days not doing any weights or cardio. You can boast all you want about your 1000 sit ups a day, but when you start believing in shit like that, you've lost all perspective.
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