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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. A colleague was just mentioning Freeletics to me. What were your goals when starting? Did you stick to their recommended training programs or supplement it with other stuff?
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  2. I started using it during lockdown since we couldn’t access gyms anymore and my goal was just to maintain shape. However, I can’t picture myself not using it anymore because the results were great and it’s mostly only using your body weight during exercises.

    I’m sticking to their programs and I go for runs twice a week. Their programs are great because it’s highly customisable depending on how fast/well you’re doing the sets.
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  3. And Strava hid lots of stuff behind a subscription nowadays. Ugh.
  4. Skinny cigs, where you at? Suggestions for someone who wants to work out at home with minimal/no equipment and a dire need for a simple meal plan to stick with? I've done some googling, but if someone has firsthand experience with something effective... I am underweight and soft. I suspect some of you are too.
  5. As a former underweight, you need loads of food, basically bread.
  6. Also it'll just suddenly change at some point in your 30s and those trays of 18 Creme Eggs you had 'for dinner' as a student will stick.

    I dated a guy once whose doctor advised him to starting eating one McDonald's a week to gain weight.
  7. I mentioned this way back in the thread but as a former twinkette, I gained a lot of mass with peanut butter, banana, whole milk and chocolate protein smoothies. They are delicious and also CALORIES.

  8. A gym stays open during tier 3 (not that I agree with them disobeying the guidelines), and the police turn up with a SWAT team like they're raiding for drugs, guns and violence. Yet, you can take a half hour walk down any London street, and notice multiple disobeying the guidelines, and no police presence does anything.
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  9. A mess.
    Anyway the transmission rate in gyms is so minisucle. Even the SAGE report says closing gyms and leisure centres will not reduce the R rate significantly. The UK government seems to focus on restrictions that barely reduces the R rate, not focussing on the main causes (WFH, schools etc)
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  10. They closed the gym at my condo again since we are on two weeks lockdown at this second wave of Covid infections.

    So I'm back to stairwell workout. The only problem is, because I'm a horror film fanatic, I'm worried whenever I turn a corner to another floor, Jason/a serial killer will be there waiting to jump me.

    This story is so sweet. I want a Lithuanian lady to clock me for not working out too.

    Also, this thread is quite the kii.
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  11. is this Teddi Mellencamp

    the housewives hunties will know
  12. My gym in Holland remains open and the boxing lesson is changed up a bit, will see how it goes tonight.
  13. I’ve been skinny all my life but started piling on fat as soon as I reintroduced gluten and cow milk products back into my menu. Might also have to do something with turning 30 but I honestly think the former has a bigger role. Those things are like drugs. Jesus I have to start exercising now.
  14. Dddd. The boring one from BH that got axed?

    If there's ever a British reality TV show needing someone to cast, I'd put her forward in a second. She gave me an analogy the other day that equated to how her female dog is in charged of the male dog in her household, to how she only hires men to work with.
  15. So, I'm still in 100% lockdown (just leaving to go to the doctors and take tests, etc) and luckily my taekwondo instructors are making online classes while we're at it. However, they are starting to return to the original routine - which I can't take part in due to the reason said above - and it won't be possible to do these classes on Fridays anymore. Plus, the other instructor who was also doing this kind of class will return with children next month and online classes will most likely be discontinued. In short, my 5-day workout might be reduced to a 2-day workout in less than a month, in a period I gained around 5kg. Exciting.
  16. My motivation took a huge toll with the second lockdown of gyms in France. With their sudden closure, I spent 4 weeks lamenting and basking in total sedentarism (a big shift, since I was going to gym religiously every single day since May).
    Last week I got tired of that shtick so I finally bought a resistance band kit (that shockingly work great!) and started running outside.
    For me it's really hard to keep motivation without a "ambiance / specific place" to exert myself but if I wait until the gyms are back again I will exercise in 2021. That is what is pushing me at the moment.
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  17. I just bought a spin bike!

    Not being able to go to my spin classes (the first exercise routine I’ve truly loved) has been a bummer this year. I was looking at all the Uber expensive things like Peloton and Echelon before catching myself and correctly stepping away.

    Tried a cute free class I found online, but does anyone have any recommendations? Free preferable but some reasonably priced ones would do too. I’m actually after anything that brings the BOPS, like... are there any faggy spin classes online? I wanna hear the Big Pop Gorls.
  18. I just had my first public jog. Am I a horrendous sweaty out of breath mess? Yes, but what’s new? I’m just hoping if I can start doing this a bit more I can shift some of my lockdown weight and get my mental health back out of the toilet. Does jogging/running get any easier?
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  19. Yes. I don’t know where you are at but the Couch To 5k app literally got me from the sofa to running 10k in around 4 months and I was NEVER a runner and I’m old (Kylie old).
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  20. Running is highly addictive, once you do the first 5-6 runs and start feeling your legs again.
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