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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. So I do a lot of running and what I can say is picking it up after a break is the most difficult, but you'll be shocked at how quickly your body adapts to things.
    My main advice:
    Take your time -
    Your respetory fitness will advance faster than your physical fitness, and it can be very easy to push yourself too far and injure yourself (I've done that recently even after doing it regularly for 10 years).
    Get some decent shoes - Footwear is so important and if you do start picking up serious mileage, decent trainers go a long way. Go to a proper shoe fitting and get ones that work for you. In my case, I run best with Adidas Ultra Boosts but my boyfriend loves On Run shoes. I wore his this weekend and hated them. It's crazy the impact they have.
    A good playlist goes a long way - Put together one for yourself and use that to get in the zone.
    Don't forget to stretch - Stretching is boring and I hate it, but it's vital to stopping muscle cramps and improving recovery. A foam roller is great too and they're pretty affordable.
    Anti-Blister Socks - Blisters are awful and some people (like me) get them more than others. Anti-blister socks make the world of difference, I've gone from having near permanent ones to none from the change. Runderwear have some great ones that aren't too pricey.
    Track your progress - Strava, Nike etc. all have apps that you can use and it's a helpful way to understand pace, distance and keep a total of how you're doing. I've used the nike one for years and love it. They also have challenges built in e.g. run x distance this month. So that's a helpful way of keeping yourself motivated!

    Hope it all goes well!!
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  2. *record scratch* wait, such a thing exists!? I'm the world's worst runner but I get constant blisters from walking a lot and I didn't know there was anything I could do about it!
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  3. Yep! They offer extra cushioning at pain points to help prevent blisters. They've been really great for me. Double thick socks are also a good purchase and might be more walking friendly!
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  4. Thank you, that's super helpful!
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  5. Starting this time of year is brave, but when it gets warmer in spring things will become easier.

    Compression sleeves for your calves are priceless as well if you get pain there. Looks a bit dorky, but an acceptable cost for pain-free lower legs.
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  6. I do like the idea of public running, but the anxiety and klutz in me always gets paranoid I’d run into some accident in the middle of it ddd so I don’t know how to get past this.
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  7. Honestly, the worst thing is people who JUST. WON'T. MOVE. despite clearly seeing you barrelling down the path/road/whatever.

    If they see you too late and kinda freeze up - fine.
    If they can't move for whatever reason - fine.

    But those fuckers who just stare you down from afar in a game of suburban chicken and stubbornly stick to their trajectory despite the threat of collision. Fuck those people.
  8. Yes. Groups of people walking across the sidewalk in particular. I refuse to run in the street given London streets are like GTA so I just yell EXCUSE ME PLEASE to get people to move.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Hmm I’m of the mind that walkers take precedence over runners when it comes to the unwrittten rule of the pavement. If you’re running (at speed) the onus should be on you to find a route around. Especially at the moment, where running should be away from people...

    There are obviously groups you come across while running that just make like hard / annoying. I’m a conscientious walker anyway so do my best to make space regardless of who comes towards me but I think running in the street is more of an active choice than people just doing their usual walk to and from places.
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  11. I've just ordered two thermoshirts (one long sleeves, one short), a running jacket, a thing to keep my phone in as that other thing is like a fanny pack over my chest which is annoying and I can't wait to run again!
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  12. I'm not reading nearly enough about runner's nipples.
  13. I get so much flak for running shirtless and I'm like, no wait, it's not vanity! It's the bloody nipples!
  14. This is how I feel about it. When I used to do lots of running I always made sure not to run on the streets because I know all too well how annoying and frustrating it is when a runner comes barrelling at you at 3X the speed as you. A lot of people’s reactions in the moment aren’t that sharp it ends up being a whole thing.

    I always preferred running in parks anyway. Running on pavements stressed me out, especially when you have to constantly look out for cars, little children and sometimes cyclists who mount the pavement.
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  15. I've started physio and a part of it was a sports massage. I'd never got one of those before and girls the illusion has been shattered.


  16. SCREAM - flashbacks to when I joined a gym and there were 2-3 hot male masseurs swanning around so I booked a session, and a russian woman arrived and literally destroyed my every bone. Serves me right!
  17. kal


    I'm currently the skinniest I've been in about 10 years. I've spent the last couple of years doing mostly cardio (a lot of walking) and this summer I did some regular workouts with my own body weight. I tried everything (except for powders) including counting calories, increased protein intake, etc. but I couldn't gain any muscle.

    I gave up after 4 months of no results, and have reverted to my usual diet of junk food, mixed in with some home cooked meals. The worst part is that I've continued losing weight after I stopped exercising.
  18. asskdifisid not this classique!
  19. You’re probably burning what you’re eating. If a person just eats junk but burns it during the day they’ll stay thin. If an overweight person eats sensibly but the portions are large and they don’t burn them, they won’t lose weight.
  20. kal


    I tried using my fitness pal, setting a calorie goal, ate as healthy as possible - junk once a week, but still couldn’t gain anything. I increased the calories several times (up to 2500 per day) with zero gain. My active calories never went over 1000 a day, and my Apple Watch reports around 1200-1300 calories resting energy.

    The only positive I got is that I reduced my body fat to below 13%. It used to be 22.
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