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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I'm here to go all Cher-infomercial on you and extol the successes of Intermittent Fasting.

    We started this at the beginning of September and everything we read just hammered the message: Patience! Patience! Patience!

    The first couple of weeks were a nightmare of thinking about food non-stop, but once the routine settled in it's become quite easy; eat dinner at early as possible then start the timer: 16 or 18 hours four days a week, a large chunk of which is taken up by sleep, so usually takes me up to between 11am and 1pm the next day, and a 20-hour every Saturday, giving myself two days off.

    Combined with two 5km runs a week, my weight stayed more or less the same for ages but in the last few weeks has started a downward trend and I lost 1.5kg in the past ten days.

    I have a terrible diet consisting in a fantasy world of primarily Dr Pepper and New York cheesecake, but it's been totally unrestricted in the hours you're allowed to eat, so you just get used to having less and not snacking and slowly those I-could-have-a-couple-of-biscuits thoughts fade away.
  2. My boyfriend has bought me a cross trainer for Xmas as I’ve been talking about how I miss being active and all that. It was delivered today and he even built the whole thing for me. Excited to get on it and hopefully shift some of the gut I’ve developed. Ugh, I can’t wait to feel peng again!
  3. Thought I was fantastic yesterday doing the Mel B workout on Youtube, Thinking to myself wow I can really do this and Mel B is my body goals (I am a very very very far way off that mind you) Then she announced the warm up was over at around the 5 or 6 minute mark.
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  4. I ran 10K last weekend. I never thought I would do that but 2021 is off to great start.
  5. Good job! Wish I could do that but I'm half dead after 5 kms.
    I just got back to my running routine after dropping it around September and it's giving me life. Endorphins are that b*tch.
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  6. I’m running about 60km a week at the moment and while it feels good and I look alright, I’m going through shoes fucking constantly and I don’t cheap out on them. Google said you should get 550-700km from a pair before replacing them so I guess it makes sense but still annoying.
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  7. Well I was going great with my running, but by October I was fed-up with the state of the world and started overdoing it as a coping mechanism (running between 95 - 110km /week). Result: I fucked up my knee badly, and didn't do any cardio in November nor December.
    Since the gyms are not opening anytime soon in France and I want to get back to moving, I've caved in and ordered a high-end elliptical (which I LOVE since you can bust your ass off while reading a book!) to exorcise my demons daily without destroying my cartilages.
    I'll easy back into running by the end of the month since I think it's a great way to unwind, but I'll go much gentler since I'll do most of my sweating with the new machine.
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  8. How do I know if I got a strain or just your regular after exercising muscular pain? My calves hurt since tuesday; it's not something unbearable or that makes me unable to walk or something but it's still uncomfortable and a pain to stand up.
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  9. I walked 15km today (within my 5km radius incase anyone wants to be smart) which is a big deal for me and I haven't had a sip of wine this weekend!.
  10. Is it any better now?
  11. Walking is therapeutic for me at this point since I loathe running. Good job!
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  12. It is! I don't know if it's completely alright as I still haven't exercised today yet, so I don't know if I can handle jumps. At least, I can stand up without feeling any kind of pain.
  13. I haven’t exercised since I graduated and I hate running outside because people will see me. So recently I’ve tried cardio videos on YouTube but found them so boring.
    I then stumbled across dance workouts and omg...they are so fun. It doesn’t feel like a task.
  14. I’ve started Couch To 5K (again) and I’m getting annoyed at how I can only run every other day. I know my joints need the rest as they ache the day after, and I know it’s a marathon not a sprint etc, but I do wish I could make progress quicker.
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  15. I've done a 15km walk every day for the last three days but I am gonna take a day off tomorrow. My knee is sore, I definitely overdid it I just got excited and actually found a lovely route that mixed with some great Spotify playlists I didn't wanna turn back.
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  16. I’ve been using Apple Fitness+ almost every day since the beginning of the year, and I’m really enjoying it! There’s a great variety of workouts and the instructors are really good at showing you what to do
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  17. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Are there any ladies here who have recommendations for losing weight from the hips and arse? For some reason I’ve recently developed a fat ass and as nice as it’s been I’d quite like my jeans to fit again ddd
  18. Started taking exercising and gym seriously again last September and I’m so glad I did! It’s nice to feel like you have a goal and something to work towards in this pandemic hell.
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  19. I'm due to complete Week 3 this Friday - I'm finding Couch to 5k much harder this time than I did last time I completed it. How are you finding it now? Still dissatisfied with the rate of progress?

    I do love doing it in the winter weather - the rain makes the run so much more refreshing! (Plus I want to be much much thinner for when I'm running in the sweltering summer heat)
  20. How has everyone adapted their exercises and nutrition now that we are mostly working out at home? I'm skinny so I usually just focus on weight and muscle gain when I go to the gym. But now that I've been exercising at home with resistance bands for months I focus more on doing exercises with lower weight but more repetitions. That means that I'm not so much gaining volume as just keeping a fit figure.

    I came across a supplement called CLA that apparently helps you burning fat instead of muscle when doing exercise. Is anyone familiar with it? I was thinking if it would be a good move to use it along with a muscle gainer like whey protein to gain a bit more muscle but also have more definition.

    I thought about opening a thread for food supplements, but I'll try here first since the topics are so related anyway.
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