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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I have adapted by... doing absolutely no exercise and accepting I’m going to be dead by 50.

    On the supplements side, I’m generally wary, but would legit consider asking one of the decent fitness people on Instagram. James Smith knows what’s up with this shit, and does Q&A in his stories most weekends.
  2. I’d go easy on supplements. The effects they give you are so minimal to almost nonexistent most cases it’s not really worth your money. The best bang for your buck would probably just whey protein. Everything else is negligible. I don’t take pre workouts ‘cause I honestly can’t sleep at all the day I take it nn
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  3. No to supplements. Just eat good babes.
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  4. Agreed on supplements. The evidence is wafer thin for most of them. I always use this site to look them up and see what the actual science says:

    “CLA too weakly affects PPAR receptors to really induce fat loss in an appreciable amount”. So save your money!

    A study I read the other day (via Insta) confirms that you can induce muscle growth just as well by lighter loads and more reps. Just be smart about your training to keep getting progressive overload in - as well as increasing reps you can superset different exercises, reduce your rest time between sets and/or increase the number of sets you’re doing.
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  5. Sounds very interesting! Thanks for all the info.
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  6. I really want to try the Adidas Ultraboost 21, they look fire. Sadly I've bought a pair of Solarglide ST 3 a few weeks ago.
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  7. Me looking at them after getting a pair of ultraboost 20's in September. On the flip side, the 20's have been absolutely lush.

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  8. I feel you! I have just checked their website and my favorite colour (the one that's advertised ddd) is already sold out sooooo... See you next year!
  9. Please. Try finding comfortable and even moderately stylish running (or any kind of) shoes with size 13 extra wide feet and a high instep.
  10. I've been eating as clean as I can over the past two months and managed to drop to 13.1% body fat and my core muscles are still barely visible. I am on the verge of giving up and binge eating again!!!
  11. I'm honestly surprised how actually taking care of my diet has done for me. Seeing how the weight just goes away makes me not dread working out so much, to the point that I actually e enjoy it? The energy! The agility! The mental clearance! Who would've thought.
  12. Qué inspiración! I hope I'll feel like that someday exercising too.
  13. At the start of February I decided to cut out all confectionery. I’ve had a sweet tooth problem since I was a child and it’s gotten better over the year but pandemic + lockdown + Christmas saw me really go back to eating junk food in place of proper meals. I didn’t like what it was doing to my skin or my sleep.

    So, at the start of Feb I went cold turkey and cut it all out. Replacing any sweet craving with fruit. I’m happy to say that it’s going extremely well and I’m noticing the benefits both internally and externally. I’m on the cross trainer in my room every morning for 30-45 minutes as well so that’s helping keep the momentum going.

    On top of that, I learned last week that I’ve developed a gluten intolerance (booo!) but the plus side is that now a lot of the foods I was bingeing on I can’t even have because they include gluten. So it’s oddly worked in my favour.

    Already this month I’ve noticed clothes feeling less tighter on me and a few pair of jeans feel comfortable on me when last month they felt constricting. This is all making me feel like it’s all worth it and it’s a lifestyle change I want to maintain for a long as I can.
  14. My diet was based on pizza, bread and pasta, so it wasn’t hard to make a change for the better ñññ

    During January I just cut back on those (anything that’s made with flour, like HyunA said back in the day) and eat lots of vegetables, fruit and protein and voila. One stone less in a month.

    I started working out in February, so we’ll see how much I lose by March <3
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  15. [​IMG]

    Dieting is not the problem for me, exercising is. It's a combination of childhood trauma and overwhelming laziness. I can go by eating only vegs and grains for months and loving it, it just happens I kind of don't care ffff. I just really feel the need to exercise, not only to lose weight but to make sure my body doesn't shut down from the amount of time I stay laying/sitting down in the pandemic. I've been doing weekly pilates sessions for a month now and plan on adding another extra weekly hour for better results.
  16. I’m exercising in my garage away from eyes, if it works ññ I’m far from joining a gym.

    I’m doing Shaun T’s Focus 25, cause not having time to do 25 min of exercise a day was a lie even I couldn’t tell!
  17. If changing eating habits seems hard at first you can still eat pizza etc just halve the portions. Or make your own pizza with lighter ingredients. Pasta with just baby tomatoes and light trimmed cheese or just butter. There are tricks!
  18. Good fresh and healthy food and regular excerzise works fine for me.
  19. Re: eating. I've found a lot of benefits in changing my eating habits. Lots of veggies, fruit, fish and meat, less pasta and bread. I've always had a sweet tooth so avoiding chocolate and sweets is the most difficult part, but what is working for me is having my daily dose of sugar at breakfast. I usually make myself a bowl of porridge with dark chocolate, almonds and nuts. The Zero/protein chocolate products from Prozis have been a life saver too.

    Anyway, I took two big steps forward in the last few weeks:
    1. My favorite sport is running. I get bored lifting, but I love running both in and outside. I went from 8-9km/min of last summer to 3.30/4.00 km/min of the past two weeks, which felt impossible to me when I started. YAY!
    2. I've overcome my fear of... wearing a sleeveless t-shirt in public. I don't know why but I've always felt uncomfortable wearing it since I was a kid. Last week I decided that it was time to do something about it and I bought a sleeveless workout shirt, and yesterday I wore it for the first time! I know it may seem stupid but it felt so damn good.
  20. Agreed. Portion control is everything. I thought pizza (and junk food in general) was the issue before realising that perhaps the problem was me hoovering up a large pizza with half a portion of potato wedges, garlic bread, cookies and soda. I still enjoy an occasional takeaway (almost every Thursday for Drag Race U.K.) but my portion sizes are a quarter of what they used to be and I am still stuffed but feeling so much better.
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