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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I used to do the opposite but kinda same in that I used to eat 10 slices of bread with avocado and mozzarella, olive oil and tomato on top every evening and then 1kg of fresh sweet cherries or a whole pineapple and rationalising it with 'what I'm eating healthy' lol. I mean in theory I was but, the kcal count sis...

    Lately I've been cooking easy asian recipes like noodle soup, pho or stir fry rice with shrimp and vegetables and the good thing with this type of food is that bread doesn't really go with them. I am a bread ho and it kinda shows on my waistline so this is a good situation for me.

    And to go back to sleeveless tops nñ, half of the reason why I lift is sleeveless tops, I love them.
  2. it may be half 1 in the morning and I'm a few gins deep but this remix is a bop and going straight to my workout playlist
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  3. I finished T25 Alpha this weekend. 6.5 kg lost.
    Gonna do it all over again before moving on to Beta in April.

    And I just realised this is the thinnest* I've been in over a decade ffjhgsjkgjkhk
    *still obese type 1 tho!
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  4. Does anybody use fitness tracking watches? I do CrossFit and am thinking of buying a Garmin but they’re a bit expensive, so I was wondering if anybody had any experience with them.
  5. Maybe this will help you:

    I’m quite happy with my Apple Watch, although it just updated my calorie burn goal for the week and it says I should burn 1200.................. just call me fat.

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  6. Reaching almost 2 months since I cut out all junk foods and committed to using my cross trainer 6 days a week. I’ve already noticed jeans or mine feel looser and t shirts not feeling so snug anymore. Yay!
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  7. Re: eating

    I discussed this with @Glitterizer in the Wonhoe thread (dddd), but calorie counting and planning meals is it. I take it so far and even take into consideration my macros (protein, carb and fat) intake and when I'm feeling extra diligent, making sure I get all the vitamins I need per day. It's been even more feasible this quarantine and I kind of made it a hobby to plan out meals the day and searching recipes online that would help my achieve each of my goals. I've lost a lot these past few months and feel better than ever! I really feel like I should cut down on the coffee, though.

    What helped me with this is trying out the different YouTube exercise videos online! There are a lot of fun ones you can do, and it helps that I try something new every now and then.
  8. I restarted Couch to 5k on 4 January in a bid to be fitter this year after an inexplicable (*cough* nightly McDonalds and absolutely no exercise) amount of weight gain.

    I am now nearly two stone down and have just done my sixth 5k run since 10 March.

    Any advice on how to progress safely and steadily beyond 5k would be much appreciated.
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  9. Congratulations!

    In terms of increasing distance, my recommendation would be to start slow and focus on frequency. By focus on frequency, aim to consistently do 3 runs per week. If 5K is your current limit, consider doing something like this:

    Week 1 - 3K (x2), 5k (x1)
    Week 2 - 3K (x1), 5k (x2)
    Week 3 - 5k (x2), 6.5K (x1)
    Week 4 - 5k (x1), 6.5k (x2)
    Week 5 - 6.5k (x3)

    Continue with that pattern of small increases and see how your body does. It'll get you used to the frequency, so your body heals properly, and then the distance will come after that. Be sure to focus on stretching as you increase distance, invest in decent shoes and socks (blister socks are a god send) and try and enjoy the process!
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  10. Thank you so much!

    I'm trying to take it slowly so it does still feel enjoyable rather than a chore that I'm having to force myself to do - the incremental increases you've mentioned above sounds like the way to go. Perhaps my next goal will just be 5.5k and I'll increase it ever so slowly over the next month or so. Thank you again - much appreciated.
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  11. For real. Using MyFitnessPal has made such a difference in my diet. The way I can stuff my face with vegetables and it’s like 100 calories... gimme.

    As for exercise, I was the same (not wanting to step in a gym), which is why the Shaun T workouts have been such a blessing for me. There’s a modifier that does the workout with low-impact moves and my fat ass doesn’t feel as useless, but for this second round of T25 I’m incorporating some of the normal moves here and there and phew the rush.

    -1.3kg since last week, let’s goooooooo
  12. Finished my second round of Alpha.
    I lost 11kg in 10 weeks.


    Moving on to Beta today!
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  13. Starting with a new PT tomorrow and I'm excited as she seems lovely.
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  14. I'm an hour away from my first session with my new PT and I'm weirdly anxious about it!
  15. Bought new running shoes with ridiculous soles and I swear they're making me feel carsick.
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  16. ñññ which ones?

    I bought back in the day a pair of Nike Pegasus 30 and I'm so used to the boing while walking in them that I can't do without while working out. Thinking of getting a newer pair because they're old old now. Praying for some money rain cause the Infinity Run and the new Ultraboost are calling my name!
  17. https://www.nike.com/gb/t/zoomx-invincible-run-flyknit-running-shoe-lQ6JKM/CT2228-002

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  18. I had my PT session and honestly, after 14 months of not a lot of exercise, I still feel knackered. I still can’t lift one of my arms fully and it’s been four days! I definitely worked my butt off and I’m happy. She said I had great form when I was doing it which I’m pretty happy with!
  19. The T25 workouts have been a blessing and I've already planed the rest of the year with different BB programs and I can't believe I'm gonna write one of those before/after comparison viral tweets that's gonna get me a modelling career!

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  20. I've found a personal trainer at a gym within walking distance of my house, and I start lifting next week. Pray for me, sistren.
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