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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I used to do the opposite but kinda same in that I used to eat 10 slices of bread with avocado and mozzarella, olive oil and tomato on top every evening and then 1kg of fresh sweet cherries or a whole pineapple and rationalising it with 'what I'm eating healthy' lol. I mean in theory I was but, the kcal count sis...

    Lately I've been cooking easy asian recipes like noodle soup, pho or stir fry rice with shrimp and vegetables and the good thing with this type of food is that bread doesn't really go with them. I am a bread ho and it kinda shows on my waistline so this is a good situation for me.

    And to go back to sleeveless tops nñ, half of the reason why I lift is sleeveless tops, I love them.
  2. it may be half 1 in the morning and I'm a few gins deep but this remix is a bop and going straight to my workout playlist
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