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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Double post, but I had a great conversation with my brother last night about the moves I’m making in my personal fitness life. I expressed to him that I’m most worried about the diet shift required for the results I want; I’m going to be eating a lot more.

    He thinks it’s a great decision, and surprisingly has offered some tangible support. We’re roommates, and he’s going to spend meal prep day with me on Sundays. His ex-girlfriend was massively into the bodybuilding scene—competitions and everything—so he spent most of his time with her cooking meals nn. Obviously I’m going to supplement the info he gives me with stuff from my trainer, but it’s nice to feel I’m not completely in the woods here.

    Brother is also in need of shaping up, so he’s kind of excited to use this as the jumping point he needs for his own fitness journey. I’m glad to see it!
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  2. Why did nobody tell me Beachb*dy was basically an MLM dfkjalfdjagf thank god I took the train to them @johnny_tsunami spill the Tia!

    I should be doing this cause I know it'd save me lots of time. But I'm just too lazy to spend more than 15 minutes at a time in the kitchen ññ
  3. Nn my brother just told me he would do all the cooking if I just buy all the food for the household. And I am HOLDING him to that.
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  4. Has anyone used Huel before? I'm getting it advertised to me a lot and I'm tempted to use it to replace breakfast or lunch each day.
  5. A guy I sat next to at my last job used it and… it kinda seemed like stinky sludge, but werq I guess.
  6. That feeling when you’re thrilled with the progress you’ve made so far but know that it’ll take like 3-4 years to get to your ideal physique (4-5 if one of those years happens in a pandemic)

  7. I really need to change up my exercise routine, I've been doing a yoga/running/weights combination thing since I was in my mid-twenties and honestly my muscles are just over it. Done. I wish I had a bit more body confidence to be honest.

    Awwww, I love your brother.
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  8. I used it during lockdown, and it’s fine. It’s a bit bland by itself so I’d always add a banana and a small amount of syrup to make it a little more tasty.
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  9. ñññ not this making me realise I don't have an ideal physique for myself cause I never thought I'd be any other shape but round.

    BUT I'm down 22 kg since January 1st, so it's a start!
  10. This is really quite impressive, isn't it??
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  11. It's honestly a bit of a mindfuck every time I catch myself in a mirror, but in a good way? So I think I'll keep doing what I'm doing for the time being, and once I run out of B*achbody workouts to do in my living room I might join a gym and become a lifting bro or something.
  12. First training session done! Most of it was analyzing my form and strengths/weaknesses so the trainer can tailor a plan for me. But I’m feeling good about it. He says he’s not gonna have to work on my flexibility or form much at all, which was heartening to hear. Now to bulk!
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  13. I got a complete ring fit for €45 and honestly it's quite fun and intense? Wew.
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  14. I'd love to hear some opinions on this general meal plan for an average day. I know diet is going to be highly specific to each person, but this looks fairly easy enough to start with and build upon and rotate other meals into.

    This shows a daily cal intake of around 2600, but I am almost certain I'm going to need closer to 3000. Planning to add a few more handfuls of seeds/nuts throughout the day at least.
  15. A couple of weeks ago, I was finally able to purchase the bicycle I’ve been eyeballing for over a year (who knew a global pandemic that shut down everything would make these such a precious commodity).

    I haven’t ridden one religiously since I was a teenager… and those few months it was court mandated (don’t drink and drive kids!). Oh my gosh, I have had the best time cruising around town, finding a hobby and being outside in the fresh open air. I’m absolutely in love. AND I’ve lost 7 pounds (just over 3kg) so far!
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  16. Oh you meant literally ddd. Good for you sis!
  17. Trainer has me on a 3500 cal a day diet. My poor stomach.
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  18. I just went for a run this morning and suddenly hit 4min30s for the first kilometre and that motivated me to try to run another personal record.
    I did, and I ran 5 km in 22 minutes. Pretty proud of myself!
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  19. I think I'm going to start going to the gym again. I put the social anxiety aside and started going there back in early 2020 (which feels like at least 3 years ago) but after a few weeks the pandemic happened and I never found the courage to go again. But I might have to go to military service this year (it's mandatory in here) so I feel like I need to be in good shape if I don't want to re-experience the traumatic events of high school PE classes nn.
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  20. wtf where is this?
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