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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I live in Iran nn. And I can't move abroad if I don't do this military service "-_-".
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  2. Doesn't South Korea do that too? And Israel.
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  3. Turkey as well
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  4. I was thinking one of those as well fff

    Hope it goes well, @Dangerous Maknae (???? What am I supposed to say to this)

    Me discovering I can work out in my living room has been such a blessing. If anyone’s interested, I’ve been doing this. I did Alpha twice and I just finished my second round of Beta. I’ve lost 23 kg since I started with that program, but the diet is key (you can'T workout a bad diet blablabla).

    On with Gamma on Monday.
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  5. How to force yourself to start going to the gym?
  6. I think the first thing to determine is when you would like to go. For me, first thing in the morning on weekdays is ideal. I'm not burned out from the work day, and it allows me to devote the weekend to relaxing or whatever without a set schedule. That's important to me.
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  7. I recently took up sessions with a PT and was scared he wouldn't get me from his 'straight bloke' persona, only for him to tell me his eldest son of four is gay, he has a brother that is gay, he watched 'It's a Sin' and that he used to be the bouncer for a night that Tayce and Cheryl Hole performed at.
  8. You can’t, over the long term.

    Find something you enjoy, and then you’ll do it because you like it, not because you’re forcing yourself to do it. If you don’t like treadmills, try weightlifting. If you don’t like that, try Pilates. Join classes or work with coaches if you wanna try something new but are intimidated.
  9. Stick to a routine so that it just becomes part of your week. Following a set of weekly exercises helps too as you know what you'll be doing each day, so it kind of takes away the "oh what will I do today at the gym" thought process. Most gym apps come with basic exercise tables to follow and you can always ask the trainers in the gym if they have a table of exercises to get you started.

    Before you know it going to the gym just becomes second nature. Know that it's also fine to not go if you don't want to on any given day.
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  10. I'm not all too bothered with the social distancing, but I'm probably not getting the first shot until late July/early August and I'm just... starving for the gym and strengthening up again. Doing the best I can at home and in the park, but I so want to feel that rush of actually getting stronger and improving your personal best.
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  11. Like others said, don't force yourself. It's not sustainable in the long run. Try different things and you'll find something you genuinely enjoy.
    I've been struggling for years, every time after a few months I got bored with gym, but I found out I love running. Now I run 3 times a week on an athletic field and twice a week I do exercises to strength my leg muscles (basically every day is a leg day ddd).
  12. The first day of coming back to the gym was mostly fine, except that I feel like my hands are falling off from pain ddd. But the gym's playlist is still as gay as it was, so I'm glad to be back there.
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  13. I do boxing with a friend in a group lesson, and now later over the years, a few others joined and it used to be all good. One joined at first, he quit a few months after, but still a nice guy. Another one joined the group and he was OK. Now another one joined, and I'm fine with that... But now all they keep talking about is women and how hot they are. Yesterday, there was a new attendee in the lesson, and they couldn't stop objectifying her even during the lesson while sitting down after the lesson and drinking a protein shake. It was so desperate.

    It was fun doing the lessons together, but I'm gonna stop staying for afterwards, as it just turned into a new 'straight lads banter, dumb jokes, racism and sexism. Also, the group chat we used for arranging when to go is full of it too. Thank god I muted that, but I find it sad that what I had for exercising has now turned to this.
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  14. Heading to the office tomorrow for the very first time since the pandemic started!

    I've been pretty good about doing an at-home workout after work at some point between 5p and 7p but won't be able to do that now...I guess I get up super early to do it? Trying to figure out how to keep my routine going since it seems likely I'll be going in at least a few times a week moving forward!
  15. I'm up to 50kg on the bench press with my new PT after being with her for just over three months which is 10kg higher than I got to with my old PT who I was with for a year. There are so many things I'm learning with my new PT. I'm so happy now that my old PT told one of my friends that I was "paying [him] to become more fat" so I could leave him and go to my new one and actually make some progress!
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  16. Greece too.
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  17. My diet has gone to HELL.

    I can feel my THIGHS getting FATTER.

    Click HERE to see my TITTIES.


    No but really, the difference between living alone and being on top of everything that enters your house and your mouth (calorie counting, etc.) and being back home and having food just thrown at me… no.

    Plus I’ve been going to the beach a lot and I haven’t properly exercised (apart from swimming and walking on sand, I guess) but let me take these as holidays and come back rested and ready to get to a healthy BMI or summ.
  18. Had a bit of a 'bad day' at the gym today.

    Not that I've ever been in amazing shape, but after the last 18 months I feel particularly unfit. To get myself back into it I've taken the PT back on and today he ended the session with some HIIT on the bike.

    It was 30secs full whack, 1min rest 3x and then 1min/2min 3x.
    Not what would be in my mind as too challenging, but it felt like dying.

    Super negative thoughts invaded my head as I was attempting to try my hardest, but from my eyes it looked like I was hardly doing anything. Thoughts like 'pathetic' and 'why bother' really took over.

    Had to lie down afterwards for a few mins. The PT was talking, but I wasn't really responding. He was saying stuff like 'I know you probably hate me' so I started to feel bad, but I wasn't in the mood to be spilling my heart out and telling him it wasn't him I hated, but myself.

  19. Try to not let this keep you from going there again! Getting tired can easily feel like a failure, but it's actually a sign you're doing your very best. It's going to feel better and better from here on.
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  20. 60kg bench press today!
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