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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Swimming is iconic, wish I liked / did it more with all this time I spend at the beach.
    SUP is a good alternative though.
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  2. I am two runs in and already loving this and feeling great! Whenever I've run in the past, I always overdo it so it's great to have the app there to break it up and tell me when it's time to cool off and stop. Thanks for the recommendation!
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  3. I'm back to exercising after six weeks of doing nothing but eating like a pig and drinking like a sailor and well

  4. The ultimate reward is getting to make your own playlist when you’re done with the program!
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  5. Anyone have success with pea protein powder? I’m using whey at the moment, but my skin is oilier than ever. I think I need to switch it up.
  6. Maybe you ladies can help a cig: What is the best way a skinny girl can bulk up without having to absolutely gorge herself?
  7. Nn depends on how much you wanna gain, but you’re definitely going to have to eat more than you’re used to.
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  8. Damn. Honestly, it was becoming a lot and I felt like I was getting eating disorder because I was eating past being completely full.
  9. Mass gainers like this one should help. It is a matter of getting more calories in your body in the end.

    My body has adjusted well to being back into training mode. I haven't taken a very strict care of my diet since I came back home but at least I've stayed on the same weight since summer started. Yay?
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  10. If it helps, it really does get easier to eat sooner that it might seem. I was barely eating 1800-2000 calories a day at the beginning of the year. I’m at 3700-4000 now and it’s not so bad. Ya gotta let the stomach grow a bit!
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  11. Loved pea protein when I was vegan but there's loads of sodium in most of the brands I've seen. I switched back to Whey but the Naked brand of pea protein was the best nutrient profile I could find (and a good nutrient profile in general).
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  12. So I spent a year and a half of only doing Peloton weight/strength classes (20 minutes, 5 times a week) because I was cooped up in a tiny NYC apartment. Had pretty amazing results over this period as well! Visually much more toned and feeling stronger.

    Anyway, I moved recently to a new city/state into a building with a gym, and I started doing the Treadmill Bootcamp classes on the app and it's been a total gamechanger. Felt particularly brutalized (in a good way!) during one yesterday. That combination of cardio and weight lifting at the same time keeps things really interesting and novel as you do them. Hoping I can keep up the routine to see how I feel in a couple months.
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  13. I’m going back to my little wee flat in Gran Canaria next week and… honestly I can’t wait to leave family lunches and beach beers behind until Xmas so I can focus on my diet again. Exercising but stuffing my face with empanadas feels like a waste of time fff

    I’m also getting new dumbbells but I refuse to say the weight because it’s embarrassing how weak my gay arms are!!1

  14. I really want to start running but I have bad experience with it. I have a feeling my problem was that I was running too fast and pushing myself too hard. I was happy to see Couch to 5k recommended, but now I don't know whether I should run alone listening to that podcast or with a friend. She's very supportive and looking forward to our first session on Wednesday, but she's much more experienced and in shape than I am.
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  15. Running with someone else when starting out is a good way to get into it in my opinion. But, and it’s a big but, you have to make sure you’ve talked to your friend beforehand to make sure they’re aware that you’re starting out and want to take it nice and slow. Going from zero to a thousand in terms of running overnight never ends well. It’s all about the pacing.
  16. I agree with what @Orange said. When it comes to running an healthy "competition" is a great way to give your best. Obviously make sure the other person knows what your limits are, running can be dangerous for your knees and ankles especially in the very early stages. Have fun!
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  17. Got new dumbbells, a new mat and a foam roller. Kinda excited for this new school year fff

    Thinking of picking up swimming as well. My doctor told me to avoid things with a lot of impact, so no running for me... floating around it is. Need to turn this moobs into pecs first ajklajgkl
  18. My lessons restart after 18 months (!) next week and with my extra lockdown weight the only way I can deal with the thought of taking my shirt off in public is to insist that I'm just giving everybody a titty spectacular.

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  19. I’ve been going on daily walks of at least 2 miles for 87 days now with no plans to stop. It seems small, but I’ve never in my life made any kind of fitness commitment and stuck with it as long as I have. Kinda shook @ myself
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  20. Thank you very much, guys! She seems to be very supportive but I'm going to make sure again she understands I have the lung of a 5 year old. I haven't been this hyped for exercise in years!
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