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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Running will make your lungs waaayyyy stronger! A few months ago I went to the doctor for a check up and after the breathing test she told me "I guess you run a lot, your breathe is strong!"
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  2. That's actually my goal, so that's great! Luckily I don't have any health issues but walking up the stairs and going hiking is much more exhilarating than it should be, so I really have to work on my endurance and breathing, and running seems to be the easiest way to do just that.
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  3. I'm going back to the gym later today after pausing for the whole August and September. Pray for me girls.
  4. This week I managed to do six chin ups. Now this might not sound like much but I only started really working out regularly about two months ago and I couldn’t do a single one then!

    As a wise woman once said “well hello, let’s celebrate that!”
  5. So I started running with my colleague two weeks ago and it turns out I love it? I have much more endurance than I anticipated and it was great to get some positive feedback, as she was totally surprised by my performance during our first training session. We run together every Wednesday, plus I go running alone later in the week. I totally enjoy running and having a new hobby, so yay!

    We've actually decided to participate in a 6k charity run so I will have to keep running for at least two months.

    And I hope I'll lose my food baby.
  6. Why do we live in a world where running training plans tell you to go on a 10k run but give you intervals in miles???

    It’s 2021, let’s get metric.
  7. Jesus Christ died on the cross at the age of 33... and 33 is the number of kilograms I've officially lost!


    I was gonna start a new weight lifting program today, but I'm gonna stop and give myself a recovery week. My knees were a bit achy at some points last week (all those squats and lunges, I guess), and while they're fine now... I'd rather rest for a bit than tear my ACLs.
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  8. First day at the gym today after a sumer break. The WEAKNESS.
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  9. Any recommendations on an app or site that offer a good body weight program? Meaning, a workout/strength training program that doesn't require the use of any weights or equipment? One that you can plug and play based upon your goals and which is easy to follow and track. I'm fine paying for the app. I'm going to be in a location for about 5-6 weeks without access to a gym, but figured I wouldn't wait until I'm back home to restart my fitness program (which has been... lax during the pandemic.)
  10. Does anyone know when Couch to 5K ends exactly? I'm now hitting 5km (including the warm up / cool down) and I feel like at this stage I can just set my alarm and ditch the app altogether?
  11. Freeletics is highly recommended. And brutal.
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