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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. The best advice I got was to go, when starting out, as frequently as possible; not only to build the habit but also because the muscle-building potential is really at its peak in the beginning of conditioning. It helped me attach motivation to the practice of walking into the gym every day. I was told to go even when I didn't know what I was going to work on or even when I didn't have a plan in place, as getting in the routine of going is the most important aspect. Music was a big help with this Dddd.

    Later on, I formed a more solid program and now I stick to a push/pull/legs twice per week routine consistently. However, I'm grateful I went a little unhinged with it in the beginning as it got me to a place where, a few months in, I was excited to go work out.

    I hope that is helpful!
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  2. Also in regards to @Trinu 3.0's apparel talk, I just got a huge haul of Vanquish clothing and I'm absolutely loving it.
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  3. I’ve never worn compression shorts, but jockstraps can get sweaty without feeling like a diaper nn
  4. I'm gonna have to choose a different one cause all the shops that have them here are selling them at 40 euro more than the official adidas store and even if I wanted to buy it from the official site they don't send to the Canary Islands fffffff burn this colony to the ground!

    I'm now eyeing the EQ21. They have a similar heel tab, and as long as the cushioning is good... I'm good, I guess. Still enraged though. I tried the Ultraboost today and they were glorious.

    I don't have any of those either!

    I just want something that doesn't get soggy after I sweat. And no, butt-naked doesn't work because my ding ding dong hurts. I've tried.
  5. I'm going to echo @johnny_tsunami on this one in that just getting in there and doing something/anything consistently is going to get you in the habit quickly. I'm a very structured person but also get irritated by my own neuroticism nn so early on when the gyms were open I would just try to hit a small variety and then hit a different variety the next day/focus more on cardio. Also making a sizeable playlist of good gym music and purposely withholding from listening to that material outside of the gym gave me something to look forward to!

    If your concerns are more health-oriented, the gyms here in Missouri have really stepped up their resources for staying clean and sanitized. Most other gym-goers seem to be on the same page as people wipe down the machines a lot more than they used to pre-pandemic. I would do what's most comfortable for you and potentially look at smaller gyms like an Anytime where there's less traffic in general. Other gyms like Planet Fitness (I had to switch after the Gold's closed here) have an app that shows traffic in real time, so you can go at low traffic times of the day as well!
  6. I feel so strange. I never listen to my own music at the gym.
  7. Hi!

    EDIT: Got the Adidas EQ21 in the end... but I'm already eyeing the next iteration of the Ultraboost. I will walk on air!
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  8. Weightlifting hunties - do you use belt? I’m so close to doing 100kgs for squat and I want to give it a go but I’m also scared of my back just letting go nn. I’ve heard a lot of good things about belt but I also don’t wanna become too reliant on it if that makes sense?
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  9. I used to use, it does help.
    I think warming up really well and slowly gets you the same result though.
    First rep with just the bar, then add 5kg, then go to 10kg etc.
  10. Anyone found masks that are comfortable to wear for 60-90 minutes sweating it out at the gym? I've decided it's time to move past home workouts, but I haven't stepped foot in a gym since 2019 and am not entirely sure I'll be comfortable doing so maskless.
  11. I think every mask is going to be a hindrance when it comes to using them for sports. I got a pack of these adidas ones, but I usually wear them on top of a surgical mask.

    Maybe try and go at a time where it isn't as crowded? Or make sure you go to a gym that's properly ventilated and whatnot.


    Also, I stan this girl. She's talking here about the Will Smith documentary (that I plan on watching later) and how it's the perfect example of many mistakes people make when embarking in these journeys:

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  12. Ugh, weightlifting/fitness social media is so toxic. Reels keep popping up on my Instagram, and half are jokes about body dysmorphia and comments about how embarrassing it is to not be the biggest guy in the gym. That ain’t healthy, bros!
  13. I've lost almost 10kgs doing cardio recently but now I really need to start building muscle.

    I find it really difficult to do because you have to eat more, and I find that healthy food fills me up more so I don't want to eat more! I'm on a low calorie diet at the moment (1200 calories a day) but I really need to increase that as the last time I lost weight I ended up losing way too much and developing a really unhealthy relationship with food.

    Anyone else struggled with this and has tips on how to increase your calories/what to eat to improve muscle gain?
  14. Like everything, its about a consistent increase. Don't jump from 1200 calories to 2500 in a week or so, that process will take months if not more. I'd probably recommend targeting around 1400 to begin with for a month or so, give your body time to get used to it and stick to that and go from there. Also, try to think about where those calories are coming from. Figure out your macro ratio and go from there. I find that I tend to eat way more sugar than I do fats (which keep me fuller longer) so I'm trying to consciously introduce more healthy fats into my diet.

    Also, hate to say this as I also LOVE cardio, but reducing that and switching to weight training is what'll make the big difference. That doesn't mean getting rid of it at all, but if you're running four times a week and gyming twice switching those could be the way forward.
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  15. Thanks for this! Yeah I really need to switch up my workouts but I just love cardio ddd.

    Yeah I have tried to up my calorie intake to 2000 and I honestly found it nearly impossible. I mean, it's easy to eat 2000 calories worth of unhealthy food no problem, but 2000 calories of worth of salads and other foods that fill you up is a whole other ballgame! I think I will try to gradually build up my calories.

    I do want to start encorporating more protein in my diet though, like say swap my usual white toast for breakfast with a high protein yoghurt and fruit or something.
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  16. After losing a third of my body-weight last year, I gave myself a couple of rest weeks over Xmas to fuel up with polvorones y turrones.

    I'm back at it since yesterday and gosh I'm sore ff but I got new dumbbells, resistance loops, gloves and all, so I'm excited to show them to nobody but myself when I look in the mirror!

    I find it quite easy to hit those numbers adding carbs (rice, bread, etc.) and nuts to my diet. But protein shakes are more up my alley because carbs are a sinkhole for me and I can inhale whole pizzas in one go. Sigh.

    Also, remember that cardio is good but doing too much can also be counterproductive.
  17. I feel seen and schooled! I am also on the ample cardio/no actual strength training podium.

    I have some lockdown kilos to get rid of - do you think it makes sense to start calorie/nutrient counting and pick up some resistance training down the track or do both at the same time?
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  18. Thanks! Yeah look I can inhale a whole pizza too, that's my treat once a week ddd I need a cheat day or I'd go crazy.

    I've always found cardio as the most effective way to lose weight quickly, I've been using MyFitnessPal to track my calories and it's great. I haven't bothered with strength training because it doesn't burn as many calories so I didn't see it as being effective towards my weight loss goals (I might be talking out of my arse here so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). But I wanted to lose all my fat before I started building muscle, if that makes sense.
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  19. Thanks! I found it easier to lose when I was younger - in my mid 20s I lost 50kg through (a lot of...) cardio, however over time it's been a lot more stubborn to shift and normally the only way to budge it is through monitoring my intake. At the moment I'm the most cardio-fit I've been in years and also the heaviest in sometime too. Damn you lockdown carbs! And all of those "lunch desserts".
  20. I’ve now settled into a very nice routine of;

    M — upper and core
    T — 10km run
    W — legs
    T — 1km swim
    F — upper and core

    …and it’s working so well for me! Probably the first time I’ve had a routine that’s really stuck and that I’m enjoying. So as Oprah would say, hello, let’s celebrate that!
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