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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Using cardio to lose weight quickly is a common "mistake". Yeah, it's fast, but your body needs strength training. Muscle burns more calories when we're resting, so doing some lifting (even if it doesn't raise your heart rate as much as cardio) is gonna help you burn more fat in the long run than just a 30-min burst of HIIT. And again, too much cardio can backfire and you might mess up your metabolism.

    Also, don't focus on the scale so much. Weight is just a number and it doesn't take into consideration where it's coming from.
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  2. Just wanted to say you always give insightful and useful tips in this thread!
  3. I don't know if this is sarcasm or what cause I've just been working out for like a year and I'm the last person who should be giving out advice adfhsfjhsfjg but I have a whole decade of mistakes under my belt that got me nowhere (under-eating and over-training, basically), so I guess I can speak on those with confidence!
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  4. Zero sarcasm.
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  5. R92


    I'm still bitter that I *finally* managed to settle into a solid and consistent gym routine in February 2020 and then everything went to shit and I haven't been back since. I'm active with a ton of walking (usually around 6-10km on a weekday and 15-20km per weekend day), but I'm still worried about being back in an indoor environment working out.
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  6. Bread. Your friend to bulk, forget it if you trying the opposite.
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  7. It's probably not much for the lifting clique but I finally got my deadlift up to 325 lbs. after plateauing for weeks. I use a hex bar and it makes the grip a lot more comfortable and forces me to go a little deeper into the lifting position.
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  8. Well I'm aroused.

    I'm heading for a steroid injection in my busted knee (how am I not on Drag Race?), can't wait to move my body again in, ooh, well over a year?
  9. I miss the hex bar at Anytime so fucking much, I don't even stan deadlifts like that but the assisted at Planet Fitness I'm now at feels...pointless.
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  10. I hate deadlifts.
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  11. Has anyone used Oxyshred? It's the thing that's really helped motivate me to get up for the gym in the morning and honestly it just makes my day all around more easier.

    In saying that though after this tub I'm going to order some protein powder instead of fat burner because I'm almost at 70kgs and starting to look abit skeleton like again (a few years ago I got down to 55kgs and it was horrifying), or as my mum put it today "where has your arse gone".

    Thanks for the info on muscle building @Trinu 3.0 I had no idea that was how it worked I think from next week I am going to encorporate a few different workouts into my routine instead of just cardio. It sounds silly but I've always assumed if I tried to build muscle whilst I still had some fat on me it wouldn't really work as effectively. I do need to stop weighing myself everyday too, a few people have told me that ddd.
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  12. Nuts and seeds are great high calorie foods too. I eat sunflower seeds and almonds when I need to squeeze in a few more to reach 4100 cal a day.

    Get a mini-blender and make smoothies. Drinking calories is always so much easier than chewing. There are times when the idea of eating just makes me gag,
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  13. Thank you all - you inspired me to go for a run thus morning for the first time in weeks and speak to my downstairs neighbour about the gym he works at down the road.

    My jaw is still on the floor from the price he quoted me but it seems like a varied, inclusive set up so I might do a trial.
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  14. God I wish I could relate. I gain weight just thinking about food (and I love food*) and even when I’m working out 4 times a week I can’t have more than 2500 daily calories... funny how everyone is so different.

    you know, I’m italian
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  15. This is literally the truth, I had a trainer for a year before covid and his workout plan was all lifting for the hour session with a 5 minute burst of cardio at the end of the session, I lost the fat and my body became quite toned, basically as you said, weight training continues to burn calories long after leaving the gym and builds muscle, where as cardio calories stop burning after you step off the treadmill.
    However, I no longer have a trainer and I actually never really enjoyed spending a whole session in the gym purely focusing on weight training, so now I do half cardio and half weight training, and I feel this is a better balance for me to actually enjoy my visits at the gym, and that way I'm burning instant calories with cardio but also building muscle with the weights, and continuing to burn calories after I leave.
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  16. I tried to reach this today for bulking reasons (narrator voice: she had two pizzas and couldn't choose which one to do so she did both) and girl... how do you move afterwards? I want to use the extra energy to workout and all I wanna do is sleep ffff
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  17. Well, it definitely takes some grinding. And it’s not like I’m eating all those calories at once. I eat something about every two hours, but I have 2-3 meals a day that are more substantial. I’ve been out of the gym this week with COVID, and my appetite only slightly decreased. I cannot wait to get back into my routine though. Never thought I’d say that.
  18. Yeah, maybe this was it fff let me make a senna tea or something

    Get well soon!
  19. I started running exactly four months ago. Today, I did my first 5k under 30 minutes, which is amazing. To think that my first ever run also took 30 minutes and I couldn’t even complete 4k, this is a brilliant achievement and I’m so happy.

    In these four months, I participated in a 6k and 10k charity run, and my only goal in these was to go through the finish line, but now I can focus on improving my pace and speed. I’m yet to see bigger improvements in my cardiovascular health, as I still get tired easily and my pulse skyrockets just by the slightest activity, but I’ve started the journey and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
  20. I never post here but my own journey in the last 2 years with getting myself stronger and together has been going surprisingly well? Not that the "number" of lbs matters to me right now, but I've lost over 50 lbs in that time period and even gained some muscle, and this has been weight I've been carrying with me since college...in some cases.

    I think the single biggest change was I made the decision to cut all dairy from my diet around the middle of the pandemic, and spent most of that time consistently going on walks and sometimes some runs in the park to keep myself busy. Another change was cutting down my drinking of alcohol by about....50%, this succeeded in cleaning up and clearing my brain fog a bit. I then started acupuncture to correct some longstanding muscle issues (which really worked, like a miracle, and to my surprise) and it got me to finally begin lifting again/cutting down on cardio activities, which has helped my joints recover from a lifetime of heavy walking. All these things have just made me feel younger, more fit and ready to take on the process of taking care of myself, something I've neglected for quite some time.

    My diet, because of the no dairy thing...is much more varied and interesting. I eat little meals more through the day, I rely on avocados, nuts, deli meats, fish much more. A side effect of no dairy is that I also have cut down on caffeine (coffee) and breads (think of how many food that are essentially cheese + bread there are!) Basically, I never thought I would cut something out of my diet like dairy, I was addicted to it, and it spurred on countless other changes to cut it from my life. I would seriously recommend, its not as hard as it looks and was just the change I needed to kind of feel and live healthy.

    And to be honest, it feels nice to feel myself for the first time in ages. dd
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