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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. We're doing that Joe Wicks 90-day transformation thing. I've always been a runner so HIIT workouts are new to me and even just 25 minutes is eeeevil.

    I nearly threw up this morning. And squats were sent by Satan.
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  2. To give you juicy glutes!
  3. I'm going to beam for just a moment, so forgive me. Weighed myself this morning, and I've put on 30 pounds in nine months. My trainer was so happy! I am too!
  4. This may be a bit of a niche question, but I've got a non-Peloton bike that I use regularly to take Peloton spin classes through their app (and have been doing spin classes in general since high school). I like the overall experience, but I can't help but sometimes wish I could do a day or two of classes using my own music.

    Are there any apps or tools online that would help me program a spin class (maybe matching up with song lengths)? Obviously I could do a lot of this manually and just spin, but I don't know if there's some programming/sequencing best practices to keep in mind in terms of what sorts of interval focuses or segments to make sure to include.
  5. OK so after having a boozy summer (since we were allowed out to eat, drink and be merry) and then getting covid in Winter my health kick went far far away.

    Started the journey again last week with simple weight exercises at home and downloaded just dance again for the cardio side before I get some semblance of fitness before returning to an actual gym.

    Wish me luck.
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  6. I'm about to start training with the YouTube queen Caroline Girvan.

    She has five of these 10-week EPIC programs, so that's over a year's worth of workouts ahead of me. But I'm going to start with her Calisthenics series next week cause I feel I need to deload a bit.
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  7. I may have a look to intersperse with some of my usual stuff.
  8. Let me share some of my other YouTube faves then! Caroline reigns supreme, but I've also found these to be great:
    The thing I like the most about working out with these people is that they're silent.
    I spent last year workout out with various Beachb*dy programs, and the constant pushing of their supplements (ma'am, I took the train to your workout), the constant blabbering about getting nice arms/ass/legs/whatever to impress the opposite gender, the constant guilt-tripping around dieting... no, thank you.
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  9. Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right thread to ask my question so please move if needs be.

    I'm trying to increase my protein intake and want to get into protein powders. I bought a small bag of Whey Protein (chocolate flavour) that I've added to my overnight oats to help me feel more full. I'm at the gym 5 days a week, doing a mix of cardio and weights each time and essentially want to build up my muscle. A lot of you seem to me like experts in the field hence why I'm asking - what are good, reputable protein powders you use? Should I go for non-flavoured powders? If I was going to have it as a shake, should it be before or after the gym?

    Any help or advice is appreciated - thank you!
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  10. Brand-wise, as long as you stick to well known brands like Optimal Nutrition, MuscleTech and so on it should be ok. There is a very minimal difference between brands and generally they all work the same. Just stay with the brand / product that your body reacts well to. Also, get the flavour that you find the most pleasing to you and stick to it. I’d avoid flavour-less ones like plague because they taste like shit and the last thing you want after drenching yourself in sweat is trying to gulp down something disgusting nn. I drink mine post workout but it doesn’t really matter. At the end of the day protein powder is really just there to add in to your daily protein intake. But if you are going to have a bit of time before you have your meal after working out, drinking it after gym session helps satiating the hunger a bit.
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  11. If you're living on a budget, MyProtein is a great brand to use for Protein powders (among other supplements or snacks). They are a bit like ASOS in the sense they almost always have a sale or a decent discount going nn but it's a good place to save money. Have whatever flavour suits you best, unflavoured protein products usually taste grim. I have a shake post-workout because that's when your muscles need nutrients the most as they rebuild but again, it doesn't have too much of an effect. Hope this helps!
  12. Thank you @Doenjang and @1991 for your advice! Both super helpful and I appreciate you sharing your nuggets of wisdom with me. If and when I do start having it as a shake, I'll defo have it post-workout.
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  13. I mix 30g of whey isolate, 80g of maltodextrin, and 5g of creatine. I take it after my workout. All bought on myprotein.com.

    If your goal is to build muscle then you'll need to up your daily calorie intake and maybe cut back a little on the cardio. Try doing cardio 2 days a week instead of mixing it with your weights each day. Let us know how you get on and if you begin to notice any difference!
  14. labdoor is a great, non-profit organization that does independent lab testing for supplements - including protein powders. The supplement industry is not regulated, so you never know exactly what you are getting. I know Dymatize is one of their highest rated brands, as what they put on the label is ~*generally*~ what you get. They're a bit expensive but they have GREAT flavors (fruity pebbles yath).
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  15. @discoteca thanks for the advice. My PT has me doing bursts of cardio mixed with lifting whenever I have a session with her., usually 2 sessions a week at 30 mins long. So far, I've already noticed some build around my arms but will take your advice on cutting back on cardio in favour of weights. This makes total sense.

    I had no idea about Labdoor, thanks @johnny_tsunami! Thankfully I can afford to push the boat out a bit in terms of price if it means getting the actual good stuff. I'm already eating high protein foods (cottage cheese etc) but there is only so much of that I can take! I also don't like the idea of eating more processed foods just because they're high in protein - I just wanna eat my dhall in peace!
  16. I have been starting back to the gym in well over a few years, i am really enjoy going back even though i thought i would hate it, i have started kettlebells and they are great, i want to seriously tone my body and already people said noticing from my face i have been losing weight, its just been a little over a week, go me :)

    Also i would lose a lot more if i knew how to cut back on those little niggly things i want to eat when im out and about, today i had a packet of onion rings and a bottle of pepsi when it could have been avoided. When im home im sensible cos my family help me but outside i cant....any suggestions?
  17. I think it really just comes down to self control at that point. Eat regular meals with good proteins, whole carbs, veg, no sugar. You won’t feel like having a snack if you’re already full of the good stuff!
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  18. Just an aside but labdoor has been an absolute godsend for me in the last 12-18 months. The amount of supplements that have a fraction of what they advertise or more insidiously have questionable amounts of lead...I check everything now nn.
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  19. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Protein bars have been great for me as a snack because I stay fuller for longer.
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  20. I have been looking into this, thanks :)
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