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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Which bars do you use? I’ve never found one that isn’t truly disgusting.
  2. Pro Bar Base and Clif Builders are great.
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  3. Quest bars are delicious and have a good macro breakdown.
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  4. Just went to place my order on MyProtein and the prices are insane. I messaged them and they explained they've had to increase their prices, but the difference is insane.

    In October I bought a 5kg bag of whey isolate for 91 euro and now, with a discount code, the same bag costs 158 euro!
  5. I ordered BCAA powder for the first time, and my god it tastes awful. Is there any way to get rid of the bitterness?
  6. Perfect Bars! The best I’ve found, with 17g of protein. The peanut butter flavor + chocolate chip peanut butter are the best. I genuinely crave one every morning and get unreasonably upset when we run out.
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  7. I've stopped drinking protein shakes years ago since they upped my creatinine levels. I just lots of protein stuff throughout the day, chicken, turkey, avocados, eggs, kefir, salmon - but this is food I'd eat anyway it's what I love to eat dd - and whatever happens happens. It helps that my office is part of my apartment so I basically can make food whenever.
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  8. I would live on Perfect Bars is they weren't so expensive!

    When it comes to protein powder sources what do you girls typically go with? I was vegan for 5-6 years and lived on pea protein but the sodium levels were mostly high so I converted back to Whey Isolate. I'm considering brown rice protein or scouring MyProtein for a healthier pea protein alternative, but wanted to see if it was worth it to cut the whey out.
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  9. Fulfil bars are great - the salted caramel one is *chef’s kiss*
  10. Has anybody signed up for the CrossFit Open? The movements for 22.1 are pretty straightforward, but 15 minutes…nooo thank you.
  11. did glutes today

  12. Florence is such an ally.
  13. I've fallen off the bandwagon again, i keep on eating chocolate at work. I need an accountability partner who can keep me in check.....any takers guys?
  14. Don’t buy it sis. Replace with rice crackers that have bitter chocolate on them.
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  15. I'm back here two months later with a light shade of clown make-up applied. I've been doing weights at the gym for four weeks now instead of cardio, started using protein powder and my stubborn belly fat is disappearing. Plus according to my watch, I'm burning more calories daily ddd. The great thing is I'm gaining muscle too, it may sound dumb but I didn't think you could lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

    But... does anyone have any tips on exercises to tone the belly other than sit-ups? I honestly detest them nn.
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  16. If by toning you mean “lose fat”, you can’t just reduce fat in one specific place. You have to lower your body fat as a whole.

    BUT let me share my messiah:

    I’m currently doing her EPIC I program and it’s kicking my ass so good.
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  17. Amazing, thank you!! I'll give these a go.
    Ooh, didn't think of trying those. I'm so sick of sit-ups ddd, thanks!
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  18. Leg raises and knees-to-chest. Don't forget obliques. There are lots of different areas to hit in the core.
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  19. It also helps to think of everything you do as a core exercise. Doing bicep curls? Hips forward, ass squeezed, abs engaged. Push-ups? Same. Living life generally? Same.
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