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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. This bulking diet is almost too effective. Getting a little belly… but it’s kinda hot though?
  2. Okay wig. I was coming into here because I’m in a mood about how nothing is moving fast enough (despite people complimenting my “growth”) and I was feeling as if body dysmorphia is setting in.

    But then I see discussion on belly weight loss tips and then @man.tis.shrimp mentioning a bulking diet that works (care to share?) and now I feel less bad?
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  3. Day to day changes are almost imperceptible. I suppose it's one of the reasons why people give up their new year resolutions by the time February comes around.

    Be patient. Be consistent. Be kind to yourself and to your body. And give yourself a year. You'll be surprised!
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  4. I'm a lazy ass motherfucker and I can't get myself to start the gym. It is quite far away from home and I'm to weak and ashamed to even show my face there.
  5. No need for a gym!
    Just grab a pair of dumbbells and you're good to go.
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  6. I recognize that so much gym equipment is a waste of money and often based on gimmicks, but switching out a regular Olympic bar for a hex bar for my deadlifts and rows, as well as a parallel grip bar for my presses, has had a tremendous impact on my results. The range of motion and ease on the joints that both of these bars allow has been revelatory, girlies.
  7. Just starting to feel normal again after a real nasty stomach bug that lasted most of a week. Do people have any tips for getting back into lifting food wise and just how much to do and how intense first day back at the gym?
  8. On the Fitbit I had you could add in your calorie goal and food and it would auto update with your calorie budget throughout the day.

    Does anyone know of anything similar for Apple Watch? I’m struggling!
  9. As someone who’s struggled with maintaining mass…can I ask what you’ve found that works in keeping bulk on?
  10. I am finally a Pilates cig! They got me gal.

    Lil Nas X impact
  11. I’m naturally average to thin so what worked for me when I wanted to bulk was eating when not hungry basically. I just made sure I bought lots of stuff I love eating and just ate every 2-3 hours.
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  12. Thanks for the tip! I’ll try and be better at getting more food down. My bank account is gonna love me…

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  13. But also... do not. I was in that place years ago, wanted to get bulked up asap etc and looking back I looked fine and should've enjoyed my non-bulkiness and celebrated it more. Take care of your body and listen to it, if it wants to be thin, it's okay. Don't do extremes lovely.
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  14. Not strictly exercise but has anyone had any experience with combining the 16:8 and 5:2 diets? The 16:8 is working well for me, but don’t know whether the 5:2 would be a step too much on top of it.
  15. Thinking about that legendary Bodybuilding thread where they end up arguing about how many days are in a week hdufjfnjfjfjfjgjf.
  16. I can feel my brain melting with every post I read, like…

  17. I love that they just keep calling each other morons. Babe, the call is coming from inside the house!
  18. The way the final post in the thread is still him not understanding the days of the week is the icing on the cake.
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  19. In the past two days, I’ve had four PBs:

    Deadlifts - 90kg
    Flat bench - 70kg x5
    Sumo squat - 50kg
    Squat - 80kg

    Dead chuffed with myself, I’m not gonna lie to you!
  20. This reminded me of atrl’s how many continents are there thread. Gays do everything better, of course!
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