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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I just cant stop binge eating.....its so frustrating, pls help.
  2. Y’all eat before the gym??? I can’t. It makes me vom.
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  3. I've gotten pretty good at eating before working out. I just make overnight oats the evening before, leave in the fridge and then eat it before going to the gym in the morning. Thankfully it's not too heavy and I add loads of berries and protien powder to it so it sorts me out for the gym.
  4. I did some lifting last night and as I went to pull the dumbbells down from meeting above my head the metal ends clipped together and I ended up taking both to the top of my skull. Fair to say I've had a sore head ever since.
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  5. I'm wondering if anyone can help me out here, I've recently started on a high protein diet and doing weights. I'm really happy with how it's going and I've gained quite a bit of muscle, BUT I've noticed I'm gaining weight on my face and... I kinda hate it nn.

    I'm consuming around 3000 calories (mostly protein and carbs), is this too much everyday? I know you need more calories to build muscle but should I eat less on rest days? I go to the gym 3-4 times a week.

    Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Do you have an iPhone? If so, if you go into the Fitness app, what does it say your daily total calorie expenditure is? Obviously this will change a bit day to day but you should see some kind of pattern. For example, I’m always around the 3000 calories mark. My PT told me that as long as I am in a 200-300 calorie deficit and eating 2g of protein per kg of body weight per day (with the rest coming from a mix of carbs and healthy fats) then I am eating enough to fuel my body for all the training I do, but not consuming too much where I’ll put on unnecessary weight. It’s a fine line though isn’t it, as if you consume too little then your metabolism will shut down and make your training ineffective.

    Yes, you can probably consume a bit less on rest days - again, see what your iPhone says. You’ll likely be expending a good few hundred calories fewer on rest days, so go 200-300 calories of food under that.

    Also, do you get your step count up as well as training in the gym? This is just as important as training if not moreso, and will help you expend more of the calories you are consuming. Think they called it NEAT. My trainer says I should aim for 15,000 steps a day - easier said than done with busy lives!
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  7. I consume less on days I don't work out. It also gives my digestive system a little break as eating so many calories is a bit draining.
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  8. I have a Samsung but I do have a Garmin watch which tracks my steps and calories, I use MyFitnessPal to count my calories. I usually burn around 3000 calories most days, and I usually do 10-15k steps! See this is what I'm confused about, I've been told that you have to be in a calorie surplus to build muscle nn. So I've been aiming to eat more than I burn everyday and it's hard. Yes I'm building muscle, but I'm also gaining weight in areas I don't want to.

    Like for example today I went to the gym and I've had a super busy day, so I've burned 3783 calories, I've managed to eat 3000 calories (honestly I could not eat anymore FFF). Is this enough for my training to be effective? Because I've honestly been told I need to be aiming for a calorie surplus to have any benefits.

    I think what I might start doing is eating less on my rest days (but still getting a decent amount of protein) and getting some light cardio in too, then eating more on days where I've done intense training.

    Thanks for replying with so much detail, any advice is more than welcome! I feel a bit lost dd
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  9. But… this is normal? You can’t choose which calories go to building muscle and which ones are stored as fat, so… you’re bulking.
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  10. If we could choose were food goes... kii
  11. Hello!!!

    So I moved to Portugal a month ago and weighed myself for the first time yesterday. I am weighing 94kg, which is officially the fattest I've ever been.

    Since I moved I started swimming three times a week (but had to miss this entire week because I injured myself). However, I need something else. There is a gym at the residence where I am living but there aren't many equipment (and only two of them are muscle-building):


    And I can't afford going to a gym right now because it's too expensive compared to Brazil (and my expenses are still being quite high). What could I do? Is buying a set of dumbbells or something worth it?
  12. Oh yeah I know this nn, I was just wondering if I was eating too much and if I should be in a calorie surplus everyday. I've seen people who use protein powder everyday along with a high protein diet go really chubby instead of building muscle and that's not something I want.

    I want muscle and I want to be toned, but I also don't want to be massive if that makes sense.

    I probably sound like I don't really know what I'm doing and I honestly don't really, I've always just done cardio to lose weight paired with a low calorie diet. This is the first time I've properly focused on toning up/building muscle.
  13. @Ana Raquel if you can invest in dumbbells, working out at home is a perfectly valid option.

    Apart from your usual MLMs, there are tons of youtubers who upload full on programs. Girvan is my fave (spent this whole year training with her), but you also have DanielPT, Penny Barnshaw, TIFF x DAN, etc. But also have in mind that dumbbells can be expensive as well. A pair of 5kg ones can be 20 and that’s fine, but once you go for 10a and 15s… those can be closer to 100 euros (the pair, that is).

    If I ever go back to a gym, it’ll be to get into powerlifting or something ññ

    You should aim for your maintenance calories on the days you don’t workout.
  14. You could try body weight exercises? I used to use freeletics - https://www.freeletics.com/en/ - but honestly you can find routines like these online for free. Could also check out local parks and see if they have any gym equipment.

    You can do a lot with a set of dumbbells though, but they are still a fairly pricey upfront cost.
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  15. I feel you. Especially with remote working... a pretty "eh" 2022 and the wind-down to the holiday season which it feels like everyone around me is already on, it's hard to find the motivation. I just tried to update my My Fitness App profile and it shut me out three times, which I'm obviously taking as a sign.
  16. Does any one have this experience where people tell you you’re building muscle/toning up but you still see the same bitch you were when you started?

    Just me? Okay.
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  17. Always.
  18. I can't relate, I was feeling really confident because I'm finally starting to tone up and the only thing someone has said to me is "wow you look fuller in the face since starting on the protein, how much are you eating?"

    Kinda pisses me off nn
  19. Babe, they got the envy and are trying to drag you down.
  20. Me, every time I see myself.
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