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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. When people tell me I look buff I think they're being shady and mean fat nn. When they say 'oh you lost weight' I think 'oh wow I flop at the gym'. Gay.
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  2. I just bought a pair of 15kg dumbbells

  3. How…

    Do you guys remember what to do? Do you guys like study exercises and the body parts it relates to? Do you have a routine created for you? Do you carry around a book to keep track of everything? Like, I know it sounds dumb, but how do you work out on your own at the gym?
  4. I've used apps before but generally find my notes app is the easiest to remember/track. I usually type in the workout and do something like

    EXERCISE: # of sets x # of reps: weight

    Notating in some way when the weight is too easy so that I know to increase the following week. When it comes to remembering what the workouts are I'll admit that comes with repetition. One of the apps I previously used had visuals to coincide but now if it's something I want to try I'll just type in something that makes sense in my head to jog my memory nn.
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  5. Thank you! Working out on my own has always been a bit stressful and I always feel jumbled up instead of actually productive.
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  6. I'm not sure where in Portugal you are but Lisbon has lots of open-air gyms in parks. So lots of opportunities for great bodyweight, calisthenics workouts.

    Also, great running meet ups in Portugal that are free. Sign up to the meetup.com website and see what groups are happening and where. And depending on location surfing is a great hobby to take up.
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  7. Ladies, I think I want to start running (I’m January obvs). I do nothing at the minute apart from my job which I am on my feet for 12 hours.

    where/how do you find the motivation to keep at it? I’ve dabbled at the gym but I just want a bit of tone
  8. Getting a running partner or joining a running club usually helps.

    I’d like to start a gay dog walking group. Would be nice to do something that doesn’t involve being absolutely trollied (and then getting railed).
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  10. Couch to 5K worked like a charm for me. I’m a totally new runner and I loved it—it’s just annoying enough that near the end the idea of finishing and moving on to your own playlist is exactly the motivation I needed!
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  11. Couch to 5K worked really well for me as well, after several attempts to start running. I couldn't run for shit when I started in January, and now I run 7K twice a week. I could not recommend the app enough!
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  12. After hurting my back a few weeks ago and having a break from the gym I've decided the bulking life just isn't for me ddd

    During my break from the gym I've lost weight (especially on my face which blew up like a football with the high protein diet I was on and I honestly hated it) and I've just decided to maintain where I currently am!

    Still going to eat healthy, go to the gym three times a week and do some light weights/cardio, but I'm cutting out the calorie counting/protein powder/etc

    I really admire ya'll who do it week after week though, it's not easy!
  13. Not Netflix coming for that Beachbody coin!

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  14. Ms. Peloton really is dead after that.
  15. Two questions:
    1. Are any of the expensive gyms actually worth the ridiculous money they charge? (I’m London based!)
    2. Does anyone hold down a decent gym routine and feel fit/healthy while working an hour intensive and stressful job? (I’m a teacher!)
  16. 1. Depends. Do they offer services / facilities (for eg. swimming pool, sauna, group classes etc.) that you find worthwhile and see yourself potentially getting into? If what you’re looking for is general cardio / weightlifting exercises due to your intense work schedule, then it might be better to stick to a simple basic gym that has all the essential instead. Proximity and ease of access are also the most important aspects when choosing the gym. If it’s too far from where you live / work, trust me you won’t be going. I’m not London based though, but I’m sure there are plenty of PJ girlies who can recommend a good one!

    2. I do 12 hours shift work that also includes night shift and exercise is probably one of the few things that actually help me not go insane. The benefits exercises offer for your mental health really cannot be overstated. It might feel overwhelming trying to incorporate the gym on top of your already busy life, so take it easy in the beginning. I try to go 3-4 times a week with sessions that mainly focus on strength, purely because I find that most doable and sustainable for me. My sleep / diet can sometimes be all over the place because of my work, so I try not to get so hung up on getting ‘optimal’. Just do what you can and have at least one thing consistent and the rest will follow. Good luck!
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  17. To add for 1. As someone who works long hours and has lived in London and live just outside now. The priority should be how close it is to you and whether it has what you want to train/focus on. You need to build that into your routine and you're not going to do that if it takes you ages to get there and back after a 12 hour day.

    I went for a gym close by home so I can go on my way to/from work. Benefit of this is you can also go on the weekend easily.
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  18. Yeah this is why I go to a rickety, crusty gym that only retired 80 old women go to, it's literally 5 minutes from me.
  19. Hi. Does anyone here use smartwatches to help track exercise results? Is the investment worth it? Which models would you recommend?

    I was thinking of buying one as it is cheaper in Europe but since I don't get paid in euros, I can't afford much.
  20. I’ve just got my partner’s old Apple Watch. I was initially a bit sceptical but after a few weeks it was kind of addictive. I like knowing how many active calories I’ve spent in a day - from exercise and also just through general life activities. You can also follow friends’ activity. I think mostly they’re good for making you aware of how active or how lazy you’re being. So in that sense they kind of motivate you in a way. Which can only be a good thing.

    I’ve no idea how Apple stacks up against brands like Garmin or FitBit. I’d definitely get another Apple Watch though when this one dies.
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