goats as dumbbells
Does anyone have any good or recommended calisthenic workout plans or channels on YouTube? I’m going to try and do just calisthenics for March and the plan was to do this with my PT but she’s in Brazil for a month. Any guidance or advice is appreciated thank you.
Is anyone here a yoga girlie? I'm considering going to India to do yoga teacher training in a reverse eat pray love excursion
Does anyone here have any experience with taking creatine? I’m thinking of adding it to my post gym protien shakes but would appreciate some first hand experiences with it.
I’ve been on such a good run (pardon the pun) for months now after my heart attack but I had surgery last week and ugh I need so much time to recover. Plus I go to Equinox in NYC so it’s like + the financial guilt of not going.
I'm breaking up with my (tbh, for what I pay, incompetent) online PT this week but plan to use a lot of what I've been doing over the last few months for the next few months. He uses Truecoach but I'm looking for an app I can build workouts for myself in? As in, pre-plan a week and be able to tick workouts off as I go. Does anyone have any recommendations?