I've been exercising for three months now and my mental health has taken a nosedive so severe that I had to go back to taking Venlafaxine. Whoever made up the lie that exercising improves mental health should go to jail. I feel like crying at the gym, while jogging outside, swimming, cycling... And every time I come home I get pissed to the point where I want to strangle my cat and murder my parents. I don't want to quit exercising because I still hate my body but Jesus, having to go to therapy because my body can't handle basic activities like... moving... is soooo humiliating.
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Ditched the weights for the lunges for the time being while I get the form right. Really taking my time with them too cause I don’t wanna fuck myself over in the long run. When I started I was just trying to get them over as quickly as possible. Moving is now easier after a lower body session than it was after the first time and I’m taking time to stretch properly etc

Also I’ve lost 9lbs since I got back from my holiday 20 days ago so I’m pretty happy so far!
I just watched the teeniest, tiniest girl have to step on top of the weight block to reach the pull up bars, and then do like 15 of them flawlessly, all the time her feet are about 18 inches off the floor.

I can even do a pull-up. Amazing.
Had to finally invest in a knee brace because the squats was getting hard on the joints, choosing to believe it was the weight and not aging

I went to Decathlon yesterday and I got myself a pair of 20kg dumbbells...
I thought I was done but I just bought a pair of 7.5kg ññ
The jump from 5 to 10 was too steep for some arm exercises and chest flys, so I had to have something in between.

The Elephant and Castle Gymbox in London is about 70% gay men and honestly it’s the most obnoxious and aggressive gym I’ve ever been to.
Let me plan this Hoopla weekend...

I ran half a marathon (21.2 KM) this weekend. It was sooo long, took me 1 hour and 45 minutes... But nicely 5 minutes per KM so great. Now I will run two matches in the coming months, but those are only 10 KM each. The way after 18 KM I got so tired and slowed down a lot, but still got the pace I wanted!

I never thought I could run that far and great I did. My body is way stronger than I thought.
Gotten back into walking everyday and lost 4kgs since January. But honestly I mainly credit what I'm eating - I work nights and usually would have a big meal when I get home, now I just have beans on toast or something light before my shift then oats after (I'm a bit obsessed with them at the moment - I swear they help me get better sleep too?)

I know some people aim to lose a kilo a week but I'm really happy with a 4kg loss dd (I just wanted to lose a bit before my holiday because I know I'll be eating absolute shite most of the time ahsgsgsgs)
I’m gonna try and get a lot of walking done this bank holiday weekend to kickstart the habit. I’m going to Ibiza 3 weeks on Sunday for a hen do so the fact I’ve let it get this bad is a fucking joke lmao
I have the same plan to try and be active ove the bank holiday, just to get things going again. I've booked some fitness classes at my local gym (spin, pilates etc) which hopefully will get me back on track. I hope you have a fun time in Ibiza!
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A friend of mine has lost almost 20kg on that Wegovy stuff since before Christmas, but is struggling to keep up with the changes that sudden weight loss makes to the skin.

Amazed it works, but seems that it does so by making him feel sick and so putting him off food, and apparently once you stop the appetite whiplash it severe.
almost 20kg on that Wegovy stuff since before Christmas
That is just too much ffff

Big weight losses sound great on paper... but if they're that quick it's just messing up your body.
I remember when I lost around that same weight in 2021 (over 6 months though) and now I look at pictures from that time and I'm horrified? The best way to describe how I looked is a deflated balloon. Too little food and too much cardio... the lack of muscle mass, sis.

I've gained weight in the last year, but honestly... I'd rather be able to lift heavier weights than do 100 burpees.