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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I've started getting up at half 6 in the morning and going for a run before I have a shower and get ready for work. I barely make it round the block before collapsing/freezing, but I figure it's better than nothing.
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  3. I pay £55 a month for the gym and I go about 4 times a week. I get in most days after the gym around 7 (I finished work 4:30 to 5 ish usually) which leaves plenty of time to do other stuff in the evening without 'going to the gym taking over'.

    People think it's quite pricey whenever they ask, but it really isn't...

    At Uni that would have been the cost of 2 nights out, or since I'm living in London these days that's near enough the cost of a decent night out. Going to the gym is pretty much paying for itself for me; the biggest plus has been it's got me out of the Uni lifestyle of socialising always having to pretty much involve alcohol and/or crappy fatty foods.

    I can't say I've noticed it making a dent in my bank balance, but I guess everyone's different... but when I worked out how much (or rather how little) each visit to the gym was costing me I was pleasantly surprised.
  4. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I miss uni because the gym was free. And amazing. It was the size of a fucking mall.
  5. I was so good at going to the gym in the 1st year of Uni because a) it was free, b) it was about 30 seconds from my halls of residence, and c) I had a ridiculous amount of free time.

    I joined a Uni near my house when I graduated, but it cost about £40 a month and I never went. I don't get home from work till about half 7 so by the time I've factored in the gym and eating dinner that's my evening gone.
  6. Oh my god what universities are these that had free gyms ?! I went to Nottingham and they bloody well franchised their gym out to some private company. Eugh!

    Still, my alumni price aint so bad for a year...works out at £20 a month. Bargain (!)

    Does anyone enjoy being a newbie and trying machines they've never done before? I always feel like the world is watching the first time I use something. So very embarassing.
  7. I went to Staffordshire Uni. It wasn't totally free, I had to a pay an initial one-off registration fee of £25 or something. But it was free after that.
  8. Ive decided im going to join a gym this year, its been well over 4 years since i last went... about time!
  9. I gym 3 times a week on lunchbreaks so I only get about 40mins in, but I run, cross-train and do weights plus I walk my dog everyday for gentile cardio. I could do more...but meh!
  10. At the risk of sounding a bit pervy I think we need to see the results of these work outs - abs, guns etc........ no..........just me?!

    Ps I will not be participating as it is not so much of a 6 pack, rather a jug of fosters!!!
  11. duckface

    duckface Guest

    NOTHING beats my one-pack.
  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    £55? That's insane! I pay £19, and that's because the girl that works there likes me. It should be £23.
  13. I pay £38, which is a little too much for me, i'd rather pay about £30, but i'm glad i go, it makes me feel good about myself and i think i'm actually starting to see some improvements. When I live in london though i was paying £90 a month to go to Esporta, which was absolutely ridiculous.
  14. Quite a big bump for thisthread, but I'd like some advice from those of you who do the whole exercising thing.
    I've started going cycling in the mornings, but I never know whether you're supposed to go before or after breakfast. Which is best?
  15. I'd recommend eating something light, I usually eat a banana before I go running in the morning. Take the "real" breakfast after.

    I basically have to run in the morning since I get extremely nauseous with food in my system, even if it's been 3-4 hours since I ate.

    Would never go to a gym. I do 50 push-ups and situps in the evening (although I'm hopefully getting in an additional 50 in the morning soon, it's just not part of my routine yet), run at least 5km every other day and usually take some sort of walk in-between that. I have an easy time building muscle (woohoo genetics), so it's really all I need to look good.
  16. I found a VHS of Chers fitness video, amongst my mums stuff she was going to throw out.
  17. i guess it depends on how far you cycle and what your goal is ...

    If it's all out weight loss then a cup of coffee to get your system going before you go out on your bike and then breakfast after is the way to go ... but i wouldn't recommend this until you know your limits on the bike with proper fuel (ie. the correct food the evening before and on the morning of the ride) far less with none ... let your body guide you, not your mind ...

    if you are doing any more than 1 hour on the bike i'd def. eat first ... maybe 1 slice of toast or 1 weetabix or something half an hour before you go out ... just to keep things topped up ... any more than say 20 miles on the bike and i'd suggest proper breakfast ... and eat something every 10 miles on the way round ... a cereal bar or banana does the trick ...

    I cycle a fair bit (usually 40/50 miles each ride) and the above is just from my experience ...

    Another suggestion is to cycle several loops of a route near to home rather than an a to b and back to a route ... that way you can try different things foodwise but have the ability to cut things short if it starts to feel wong ...

    hope some of this helps
  18. i have lots of free time and therefor goiung lot to the gym right now...

    moday pilates 45mis and 30 mins of weights and 15 cardio
    abs class and body pump class
    wensday yoga
    thursday weight (about 50 mins)
    friday stretching class and whatever i'm in the ood for
    sturday cardio
    sunday off

    ...but then i go home and eat ice cream........a lot of it.
  19. I just purchased these bad boy running trainers...


    Going to start running in the mornings.
  20. Got Nike+ as well for your iPod? It's SO fun.
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