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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Fitness classes finally did the trick for me. Having it scheduled (and paying for it...) really helped me. I've found ways to cut out other spending during the week, so it can be manageable financially. Plus, I'm worth a bit of investment!

    I'm loving indoor cycling and high-intensity interval training. Both feature pop music heavily, which doesn't hurt!
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  2. I've dropped so many times, last year when it comes to exercising.

    I think you simply just need a motivation. Also I think if you're spending money where its for the gym fee or supplements. That should give you an extra boost and realisation, that you really need to work out. My motivation is to look better so I could keep a guy for good, and I guess to be healthy as well.
  3. I know we've had our issues in the past but I want to just say that you deserve a person who would love you for you regardless of what you look like. Working out should be for you, not for someone else.
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  4. I still can't break 235 on my bench press Hjdjdjhfhfhhff. Not sure how many more fruits, veggies and protein I can cram into my diet.
  5. I already accepted that won't happen to me. Like I'm almost thirty, and I'm still alone. I feel like I need to do something to possibly change that.

    I also see the big benefit if I make myself physically look better. Like if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't even care about working out. I feel like ever since I've started to work out, it opened more opportunities for me to get a hook up, with guys that I wouldn't even meet or wouldn't give me a glance if I didn't decide to work out. Its really worth it for me. Especially now, I just had sex with a hunk a few hours ago. It motivated me more to really work hard.
  6. I've been working out five days a week for the past 3 weeks and haven't lost a single pound.

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  7. What sort of exercise? You've probably lost fat and gained some muscle.
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  8. Exactly. There is a weighing scale that can measure your body fat and muscles. So you should try that.
  9. Plus diet counts. If you're eating shitty food, then it doesn't really matter how much work you put in at the gym.
  10. Yes, that's basically what it boils down to I think. I don't eat like shit, but apparently I need to eat less.
  11. "Oh DEAR GOD. What are you even going to do?"

    This comment irks me more than I can express, so lemme noT.
  12. Well, I'm making myself look hotter and more desirable to all the hot guys out there! Get sexy right now!
  13. I’ve been eating my prepped meals for past five days and honestly at this point my beef mince tastes like literal shit I can’t do this anymore.gif next time I’ll just prep it for three days or so and change the menu.
  14. So I still haven't been back to the gym in 2018 so far last went before Christmas.

    I lost 10kg and have put 8kg back on since then but just can't find the motivation to go , eating what I want takes no effort while going to the gym takes effort and I just can't be bothered.

    I haven't cancelled my membership as I keep saying I'll go back.
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. [​IMG]
    I feel semi-confident about how I look for the first time in a decade.
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  17. Has anyone ever used these?


    I have about 30-50% grip reduction in my right hand, which can cause some problems, but I'm thinking maybe for wakeboarding they'd either be genial or stupid?
  18. Hot arms!
  19. I did it!! 240 lbs. with good form. Just one rep but I didn't bounce the weight off my sternum etc. FINALLY.
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