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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. The rate title SCREAM
  3. Been Rating so loooong <3
  4. Cutting season is a disease.
    - Tired
    - Grouchy
    - Dehydrated.
  5. Anyone done Orange Theory Fitness? Thinking of giving it a shot with some co-workers.
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  6. I've never heard about it. How effective is this theory?
  7. And as for me, different physical activities are an important part of my life. I just want to be healthy, energetic and beautiful as long as it's possible and sport is one of main keys for this. Besides it's just pleasant and fun to make your favourite exercises or play sport games. And I had problems with my weight several years ago so I needed to correct this.
    So my daily routine consists from basic fitness and yoga several times a week. Also I run and swim during summer in addition too.
    And I like to play and watch some sport games too, especially gymnastics, tennis and football. For watching I like the most of all football matches, especially the one when my favourite team Gremio from Brazil https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grêmio_Foot-Ball_Porto_Alegrense plays, I'm their fan, collect various stuff with their symbols and even make bets https://188bet-br.com/ sometimes.
    And in case of playing I have the best skills in tennis, I often p
  8. i believe farting uses up calories
  9. She's dead Jill.
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  10. so's my digestive system
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  11. RJF


    Did you have a cheeky bevvy at lunch
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. They have one near my house, I have been tempted to give it a go, but the price tag is a bit jaw dropping for how many classes you can partake in and if you miss one or cancel your spot late, you lose out on the money.

    There’s a gym in my area called the Camp Transformation Center and I’ve had some acquaintances share their results on Facebook and I’m leaning towards that. They offer this 6 week 20 lb challenge for $500 deposit (eeek!!).

    I’m desperate! I’ve put on so much weight since getting married and being all comfortable and not paying attention to what I’m eating, but that price tag is also horrific, but I guess if you don’t surpass your goal, you roll over into a new challenge and if you finally hit your ideal weight, you get your money back.
  14. A friend of mine has been doing it, and while he enjoys it doesn't find it worth the money at all. You don't need to pay £160 a month to go to circuits classes! I get the same at my local PureGym for £18 a month.
  15. Yeah I also tried F45 and while it was good and I can see why people love it, it's really just a glorified circuits class. There's nothing groundbreaking about it. I got an email today for a 6 month membership offer - first month £107.50 and then £215 per month after that? Fuck that.
  16. So... after literal years of telling myself to go to the gym, today I took an appointment for a trial with the instructor. I can't shake the feeling this is gonna be a disaster but entering a gym today was itself a step in the right direction. The mental barriers are strong with this one.
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  17. It won't be a disaster.
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  18. I'm still alive wooo*. The gym was not full of people so that was good for my anxiety. I started to learn how to use the machines with the instructor so that was nice (even if I felt super ignorant). An old man casually told me I don't have any muscle in my arms so thank you old man I hope you die in a fire. All in all it was not a disaster.

    Also they had a quite basic but very gay playlist so bonus points for that. The usual big pop girl stuff + September's Party In My Head (???)**

    *watch me wake up dead tomorrow. I can feel parts of my body hurting already. I'm weak.
    **September music? In Italy? won't complain.
  19. Your reaction:
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  20. My face after he said that

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