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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I’ve been seeing a PT for a while. He runs stuff from his house which makes it easier for me but tomorrow I’m finally going back to the gym with him so he can take me into the weights area that I’ve been scared of for so long. I’m...weirdly excited because I’m hoping that actually setting foot in my gym again will trigger that want to go again. For some reason, my anxiety just won’t let me near but going with someone to start with is gonna be a huge help.

    Since starting with my PT too, we’ve become really good friends and I’ve noticed that while I’m not necessarily losing weight, I’m gaining muscle and I’m actually a bit happier with my body even though I’m a little thicc-er than I was. Like, I can feel muscle where there didn’t use to be. Now, if I can just cross the threshold into the gym too, who knows how much I’ll love my body by the end of the year!
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  2. Thanks sis. Hopefully I last more than a week.
  3. You got this, gorl!
  4. @Verandi sis what's good? I did some calisthenics today.[​IMG]
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  5. Oh hi hello still alive!

    I have to follow a program which includes bodyweight, machines and very small weights. So far I'm able to go three times a week (the perks of being unemployed nŋn) so I always go during the morning when there's almost nobody at the gym and social anxiety is almost at zero. I've started three weeks ago so understandably I still have to see changes but I don't hate it so all good for now.
  6. That's definitely nice that you can go when there's not many people. Helps you ease into it so that maybe you won't mind going when there's more people in the future.

    I'm really trying to make my calisthenics routine happen 3x a week but I know that my insomnia and fatigue issues are right there to sabotage everything. Whatever happens at least it felt great to get out today and do something.
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  7. Having spent seven months getting properly back into the gym, I’ve signed up for a taster class for a... pole dancing course.

    I’m kind of terrified. Who has that kind of core strength?!
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  8. My Current Weekly Exercise Routine:
    • 2 days HIIT at Orange Theory
    • 2 days kickboxing
    • 3 days outdoor walking (30 mins)
    • Yoga every day (aka Yoga with Adriene)
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  9. Yes. I’ve been doing Orange Theory since November 2017. It’s an excellent group fitness environment focused on High Intensity Interval Training. You will spend time on the treadmill, water rower, and weight floor every class. They change up their workouts every day so you don’t get bored. I find it’s a very good place for fitness beginners because they’re very open to modifying floor workouts and you can choose to power walk your treadmills versus running them if you’d like. You’ll see people of all ages there.

    As for the price issue people brought up, honestly it keeps people accountable to keep going. Which as we know can be one of the main barriers to a regular fitness routine. My price isn’t bad - works out to $15 a class. But I don’t pay for unlimited membership, I pay for eight classes a month.

    Anyway, 10/10 would highly recommend if you can work it into your budget.
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  10. I'm at that weird stage of my body starting to change where I don't quite know how I look anymore. When I feel my chest, it feels more muscly which is great but I feel like my gut has gotten twice the same as it was.
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  11. Supersets are a disease. 12...reps of wide stance squat and ANOTHER 12 reps of normal squat straight after? It’s just not realistic.
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  12. SIS, this sounds ridiculous. The best supersets target two different muscle groups because there’s technically no need for rest time where you’re working different body parts. Supersets of any squat sounds counterproductive.
  13. RIGHT?! Like...I can literally feel my lungs giving out by the first set and it doesn’t feel right dddd
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  14. I went to the gym on a Sunday morning. I did some rowing and crosstrainer. For me, who dislikes it going alone, it was an achievement.
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  15. I had to get an outfit for a bridal shower and had to get an extra large shirt. I've got mixed emotions, because I've been working and dieting to be ""big and swole"" etc. but there's also that part of my brain calling me a fat POS. I go back and forth between feeling like a cow when I look in the mirror and feeling proud as I get stronger. I disabled my instagram because I use it for reassurance and validation and I know I need to work on finding that for myself.
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  16. Um I’ve been buying only XL or XXL clothes the past three years or so. Love it.
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  17. I hate that you feel like that but it’s also reassuring that I’m not the only one who is thinking this.
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  18. Yeah, I know this feeling.

    At the moment I have trouble imagining my body being in better shape than it is (not because it’s currently amazing, but because I genuinely cannot imagine myself with a flat stomach and larger pecs). It’s... weird.
  19. Sisses...she's lost all her motivation. Haven't stepped inside a gym in like 6 weeks, and the healthy eating is out of the window. The July trip to Palm Springs is going to be...cute.

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