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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Ladies, I just have to share that I hit a clean 300 pounds (136.078 kg) on my bench press today. It was my year-end goal. I'm so happy right now.
  2. Oh wow. That's incredible! I'm out here celebrating that I can manage 60 kg without dying...
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  3. 60kg was my 1 rep max best on bench press. Wow.

    So, I'm midway through my 12 PT sessions. Just been now and he had me doing front squats and my lower back started to really hurt as I lifted the barbell from the rack. He usually gets me to do 8 sets of 5 reps. Only made one rep on the final set because my back said no. On Sunday we did deadlifts, so the PT thinks it's a hangover from that which is possible, but it's not like a DOMS kind of pain. On my walk back home from the gym my foot slipped a little which caused a jolt and that really hurt my back too. I'm a bit concerned.

    Otherwise, it's going great and I'm really enjoying being back at the gym. Already noticing a bit of difference in shape - my belly doesn't feel as big and I feel like my frame is looking a little stronger.

    My only concern is trying to do it on my own without the PT. It annoys me because I know what I'm doing, I just need someone to give me that push.
  4. RJF


    Deadlifting completely fucked me up earlier this year. I think it was a combination of lazy technique and overdoing the weight, but I've found the muscle tension in my lower back and glutes kind of hard to bounce back from. A lot of foam rolling and stretching and sports massages can help, but I find it takes ages for the tightness to abate. I've switched to doing stuff that's a little less dangerous since I'm flying PTless at the moment with occasionally deadlifting a far lighter weight just to get my body used to the motion again. But yeah, it's not something I'm gonna be attempting with much ambition without supervision any time soon.
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  5. See, I didn't really feel that much from the doing the deadlifts. We're still taking it pretty slow, so I was only doing like 70kg on Sunday. I've done way heavier in the past and I'm doing them with a trap bar so it's a bit easier on the back (I think). I didn't feel anything in my back until I finished the first set of front squats today. Feels like I've twinged it somehow - it felt like I wasn't really holding my form doing the squats either, but he said I looked pretty good and he's pretty picky about form. He mentioned something about being sat at a desk all day not helping so maybe that could be a cause?

    Reading up on various forums, I think I'm over-extending my back instead of bracing my core properly.
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  6. This is almost certainly it. If you're not properly engaging your core then your lower back carries most of the weight - if you're getting sharp pain in your back during front squats then you're definitely doing it wrong. Try tucking your bum in and tensing your abs when you do a front squat and that should take some of the pressure off.
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  7. In an attempt to actually make some changes I went to my first CaveFit class yesterday morning. I have literally only ever done one type of class before (about 10 times), Bodypump, which is obviously not that hard in comparison to loads of others on offer.

    It was good. Hard for me, I guess, and while it is a BIT scaleable, it isn't really. I'm not that clued into the world of circuits/CrossFit/Bootcamps or whatever the fuck you call this, but it's a relentless 45 mins. I survived, and while sore today and exhausted after, I felt good for doing it. I kept flashing back to school PE sessions (with the word 'punishing' hovering over everything) and that is SOOOO not what I want when I go to the gym...but I have to realise that I basically use the gym as a post-work chillout and don't stretch myself at all.

    It's super expensive at 12 quid+ a session so I might only do a few a month, but I find I plateau at my normal gym by being lazy and just doing what I find comfortable. Right now I'm as averse to the free weights section of my gym/s as I was as a teenager. I need someone forcing me to do it to feel comfortable I think.
  8. Group fitness is underrated I find. I only started touching free weights when I joined classes, @dodoriazarbon . I’m not lifting heavy weights and I can’t do a deadlift to save my life, but at least I’m doing some lifting.
  9. I started working out regularly focusing on my chest a few weeks ago because it's something I've always felt insecure about, but now that I'm starting to see results, I feel kind of guilty or superficial for liking my body better now that it's a bit more ''toned''? I know that this is probably a really toxic way of thinking but I just wanted to know if anyone here has felt that way when they've started to see results?
  10. Nah I just became a slutty thot.
  11. It’s okay to set out to achieve something, and then feel happy because you achieved it.
  12. Can totally relate. For me it stemmed from Catholic guilt. Jettisoned that and am feeling myself! Hope you get there too.
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  13. So, my year long gym membership is proving to be a great investment. I’ve been focusing more on my upper body as I’ve felt I’ve lost a lot of strength in my arms and chest and see the changes bit my bit is really encouraging.

    I have my 4th 10K of this year on Saturday. This evening I did 40 mins on the treadmill and 30 mins on the cross trainer just to build up stamina and it all felt really doable and I wasn’t exhausted by the end.

    In the grand scheme of things these are all very small accomplishments and whatever but I’m feeling really good atm.
  14. Went to my first ever spin class (7am), stressed that I would hate it, but actually really liked it? Great instructor and loved that it was part of the Tribe Yoga places here (and elsewhere maybe) so they have a lot of encouraging / inspirational spiel when it gets really hard to endure. Also... she played bops a plenty. You best believe I wasn’t flagging during Let Me Blow Ya Mind!

    Felt good and energised for the rest of the day despite my 5.15am wake up call. Going again in a week or so and will try and get the movements down (I was likely doing them a little wonky).
  15. So I completed the 10K today and I felt incredible throughout. I paced myself and didn’t peak too fast, which is what I was worried about especially as everyone starts off so quick on their runs. The Cock Destroyers we’re running too so at one point I was alongside them and I managed to tell them I loved them between breaths! Chuffed!
  16. Congratulations and what an iconic pair to run beside!!
  17. I had a similar experience with dead lifts a few months ago, I generally dislike doing them and mainly only do them when with my PT because I fear injuring my back, but on the one time I tried them on my own I managed to injure my lower back, it was definitely down to posture. Anyway it took like a month for the discomfort to finally go away, it's annoying what a back injury can hinder.
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  18. word vomit ahead:

    Signing up for a crossfit membership around 5 months ago and going 3-4 days a week has been the best health-related decision I've ever made. I did a body composition scan when I started and another one today, and since I've started I've gained over 14 pounds of muscle (and 3 pounds of fat so the six pack sadly remains elusive, working on that next).

    I'm happy with the change in my body, but really the biggest factor has been the change in my relationship with my body. That's what's led to every other change I'm seeing and feeling. I've gone from viewing my body as something that's just... kinda there, to a renewable source of energy I can grow and tap into. I can explore the limits of how far I can push myself and teach myself new mechanics and ways to move.

    Consistent gym time has been a game-changer for my mental health. It has a way of calming my thoughts and feelings down and working out any tension that's been storing up. Last month I couldn't go for a week due to injury and I could feel myself going crazier day by day. Also, the time spent in the gym has become an anchor for each day, which becomes an anchor for each week, and the ripples keep going out. It's added stability and routine to my life that I had no idea I was missing so bad.
  19. I love this.
  20. An iconic two pairs
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