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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. So I'm coming up to 8 weeks with the PT (with a week off in the middle, so 7 weeks of training) and I've lost 3kg and about 2 inches from my waist - pretty pleased with this considering I haven't really been all that strict diet wise. I like that I'm still seeing the results despite this. Shirts that didn't fit in September now do up just nicely, I have something resembling biceps appearing and my legs look nice in skinny jeans. Once Christmas and New Year are done, I'll try to be more disciplined with my diet and see where I go from there.

    Like @Beginner this has done wonders for my state of mind. I'm feeling loads stronger and I'm starting to miss not going to the gym on my rest days which I guess means I'm enjoying it. It's given me something to focus on and look forward to. After the first 4 weeks with the PT I signed up for another 16 weeks so I'll be with him until mid-March. I can already see myself doing all the stuff we're doing by myself and the gym itself isn't nearly as intimidating as I initially thought it was.
  2. I watched this doc The Game Changers about athletes switching to plant-based diets and the myth that protein comes from meat (the theory posited is that it comes from the plants the animals eat before we eat them) the other day, and its given me the final nudge I need to give up the last two meats I eat and become vegetarian in 2020.

    I ate some beef last week and I was very aware of how tired it made me for a couple of hours after while my body struggled to process it.
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  3. Dick and... ?
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  4. Ass.
  5. I've recently switched back gyms, from old school to modern and then back to old school. It's the sort of place that boxing heavyweights would train. I tell the manager that I'm struggling to adapt back to the gym's equipment. She turns to me, in a Lithuanian accent and says;
    "You've been at a plastic gym! This gym is made of steel!"

    I felt like I had walked into a middling successful, probably won't get picked up past it's third season, Netflix sitcom.
  6. LTG


    A lot of the science in the Game Changers is flawed or misrepresented:

    Also James Cameron produced it and runs a vegan food company.

    Obviously veganism isn’t bad for you, and it’s definitely something to consider to get more vegetables/carbs into your life, or for ethical reasons. But it’s not the health miracle cure it gets represented as.
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  7. I don't intend on trying a marathon or one of those scary cycling velodrome thingies (seriously, if you wobbled wouldn't you just... die?) but as a mostly-vegetarian for ~10 years, the combination of this, various what-really-happens-to-cows docs, and me noticing how damn tired I get after eating meat* has been like a peer group of mean girls nagging me to try life as a blonde.

    *dick excepted, obvs.
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  8. I've been keeping you guys updated on some of my lifting goals to help me stay motivated with my regimen and diet, so I wanted to check in that I upped my bench to 315 lbs. clean and have been able to hit that max 3 times now! My body feels like death afterwards but I remember when I thought I'd never be able to hit 225 lbs.
  9. You can use my body as a bar next time zad
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  10. This post makes me laugh so much. I was a douchebag but quite resorceful. The absolute self-confidence and masc4masc language in that post. SHIT loads of protein.

    My parents reminded me about the makeshift barbell over Christmas and I had a vague recollection of posting about it here. My parents were never happier to see me join a gym and later move out. Luckily for me I joined a gym later that year.
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  11. I finally managed to do 40kg on bench press today. I've been stuck on 37.5 for ages so I'm super happy.
    Though we did a body fat analysis today and I'm technically classed as obese which...is a step in the wrong direction for me.
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  12. I'm doing Whole30 this month and working out a minimum of 10 times in this shitty dark January weather so... pray for me girlies.
  13. Good luck, sis.

    I'm trying to exercise every day and at least sweat at least an hour every day and I've been going at it since the 1st of January, seaux... It's kinda hell, but I want to run the marathon in September.
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  14. I've now got a pull up tower in my one room apartment and I will start using it 'soon'.
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  15. Can anyone advise on a routine: I’m doing a lot of resistance training now (three a week) but also want to get back in to hot yoga (mental health, always takes away any DOMS from the HIIT classes) but is there a recommendation on when I should do the yoga? I.E. the last thing I’d want to do is be potentially undoing any toning up from the classes etc.
  16. I've never really found an exercise/sport that I really loved but I started swimming lessons a few months ago and I love it! I was ready to get back in the pool this evening after our Christmas break.

  17. Went on my first long walk of the new year. And I’ve done every day of the new Yoga with Adrienne journey. Would’ve gone to my gym last week but I think three days of bad migraine and then falling hard on my left shoulder immediately afterwards are okay excuses.
  18. I used to go to a boxing academy for a few years but stopped, and it's been years since the last time I trained. I went to a boxing class at the gym with my sister and whew, it was so much fun. The muscle memory was real and I was kinda proud of myself for falling into the proper footwork and technique so easily. Almost threw up by the end of it but I'm excited to go again next week!
  19. Ladies I just blew through a vat of chocolate peanut butter Haagen Dazs and the thanatophobia is quashed!

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  20. I did bench press/first time at the gym on Tuesday. Yesterday was achy but I’ve woken up today and can barely move, couldn’t even lift my duvet off. Is this normal or did I push myself too far?
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