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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. I can't believe my gym hasn't closed yet...I don't believe any around us have yet.
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  2. Exercise and the gym is the only thing I've found helps my stress levels and overall mental health. Hopefully if they close we'll still be allowed out to go running or something.
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  3. I watch a YouTuber (I know) in South Korea and they were jogging outside. I would guess it depends on if you were jogging a heavily used trail or something. Like I could walk around my neighbourhood and come close to nobody.
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  4. The way I see it, things are less likely to spread outdoors and it gives you the chance to get out and avoid cabin fever.

    Some other options are interval workout apps and yoga apps too. The trouble with these is they require a fair amount of space to operate in.
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  5. The worst was people bringing their kids to the gym (before they shut down)...
    Karen Imma start wearing short shorts and harnesses to train if you continue doing so!

    I think I will start jogging on my buildings rooftop at some point?
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  6. Share pics please Dad.
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  7. There are lots of bodyweight exercises you can do indoors that require no equipment. My CrossFit box is starting to post exercises for when the box inevitably gets closed.
  8. Bad bitches link us.
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  9. Insta is @cfcl

    They haven’t started yet, but I’ll post the daily exercises when they do start if that helps.
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  10. In France last night, the president said we're allowed out to exercise but only if we do it alone.
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  11. I opted not to go to the gym at all during my annual leave days last week (which ended up just feeling like a dress rehearsal for self isolation given the circumstances) but did go to my bougie Spin studio a few times. They made reasonably good provisions in removing LOADS of the bikes from the room to make more space, increased proximity of hand sanitisers (always there anyway), change in process to avoid contact etc. STILL...

    I'm going to try to practice at-home workouts. Never done them beyond a month or two of the 7-Minute Workout trend years ago. Started the morning with 50 press ups (normal, ascended, descended - if that's the terms ell oh ell), and will 50 later. Gonna get stuck into at-home Yoga classes available on my ClassPass app too. I had to order an exercise mat an' all! I think Yoga indoors feels more...achievable for me than much HIIT stuff.

    My weights are at my mum. Who is being VERY CAUTIOUS. I may have to sidle along one wall of her house to retrieve them, disinfecting my route as I go.
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  12. aux


    My mum and I have decided we're doing yoga together at home, since she'd rather not go out on runs together for the time being.
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  13. Think this is better suited here

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  14. Stay fit huns x
  15. While I'm hating the self isolating because I love going to the gym, I'm using this time to start planking, I've only just recovered from a broken back late last year and then being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my spine. It's time to get my core sorted out so that I can start learning to run again from scratch, even though I've done 4 half marathons, I have to start from day zero.

    Also my GP wants me to gain weight (not going to happen) I spent most of my life being fat, I lose over 10 stone in weight and now I'm told to put weight on....I can't win
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  16. My gym officially closed today and I'm trying to just deal with the anxiety of that before making a set game plan. It sucks to lose your number one healthy coping skill!
  17. I feel seen!

    I've done bodyweight exercise at home before, though not for three years... anybody have recommendations for useful home exercise kit/accessories to get (apart from a mat)?
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  18. I use freeletics, which is all about using your own body weight and you can exercise indoors with no equipment
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