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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. He


    To be fair I really felt weird writing it, but only wrote it because of the previous post.

    But yes, drag me!

    I do not deserve queen Hyerin! Forgive me, my potato queen!
  2. He


    Forgive me




    Voldemort sunbaenim
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  3. I'm a bad EXID fan for not knowing this, but on the other hand, I publicly find her annoying and shrill (Solji and LE agree with me on MANY videos), so.....
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  4. It's okay, I always have problem with K-Pop idols' names. I used to wrote Seohyun as Soehyun for months (@Slice of Life hepled me with that mess). Or iconic Yeunjung who has hundreds of names and I'm not still sure if I'm using the correct one or not.

    And I still don't know the actual Hyorin is Hyorin or Hyolyn ? Cause I've seen both.
  5. Both are correct. It's a matter of different romanizations.
  6. I'm of the opinion that Solji was a bad vocal coach for Hyerin. They both have the issue of 'shout-singing' where they try to go way outside their natural registers and end up straining their voices.

    Listen to both of them when they stay in their comfort zones. Their natural tones are lovely. Both of them are gonna end up in a bad spot down the line if LE / whoever insists on giving them these big belting numbers. Once in a while is okay, but that note in L.I.E. from Solji was...punitive, to say the least. Girl probably curses the songwriters in her sleep.
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  7. Never get sick of this. They crushed it again on Music Bank this morning:

    A couple thoughts, though.
    1. They put Hani on a leash. Some BDSM theme going on or something.
    2. At 1:41, the camera catches Hyerin laughing hysterically at... something...
    3. And just... Jeonghwa's permagrin... it just never stops...
  8. If you watch the video through mobile browser, the quality makes LE look like a rapper version of Bom with that hairstyle.
  9. I finally listened to Eclipse in full and Belbeh is soooooooooooo good.
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  11. When round & full her silver face swims into sight & lights all space.

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  12. Are you going to change your signature to promote Full Moon? (and hopefully a better song than L.I.E kii)
  13. L.I.E WAS MY JAM.
    That beat drop makes me feel things
  14. L.I.E was indeed very good.
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  15. Bumping to say Alice is quite the bop (and DDD too, of course).
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  16. He


    Ok, but why isn't EXID on the title of this thread. Haha.

    Alice is pretty good, except for Jeonghwa announcing her arrival in the US: Newark, Newark.
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  17. He


    I didn’t know she needed surgery. Hope it all goes smoothly!
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