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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 14, 2015.

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    Just be honest and say you wanted to spam this gif, oppa.
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  2. You know me too well bb.

    here's another up for spam
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  3. I am lucky to live in a fairly openminded, progressive small town in the US but people still think it's weird that I pretty much only listen to KPop. Until I play them EXID. Then almost all of them are like "Fuck, send me that link..."

    They're badassery is borderless.

    So.... a newly converted Leggo even older than me said, "They should be on SNL!" Now considering a letter-writing/emailing/social media campaign to get Lorne Michaels to book them... I can dream.
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    Scream, EXID on SNL.

    I'd say EXID are cool and "authentic" enough to have a chance in the West, actually.

    My macaroons!
  5. Melon is what most people use ddd.

    So being #1 on like Soribada is like being #1 on Tidal or something. I don't think chart accounts even use Soribada anymore when tracking #1s because its user base got so small.

    If you're comparing their popularity to Western sites, it's like:
    Spotify = Melon
    Apple Music & Pandora = Mnet & Genie
    Then sites like Bugs, Naver, Olleh, etc. are much smaller shares, like how Napster, Deezer, Amazon, etc. are.

    Music show wins are more complicated because they use different metrics than the Gaon chart.
  6. It depends, but this is usually not sajaegi / payola.

    They're called zombie streamers and are usually fan girls who'll stream boy groups late at night when Melon is less active and it's easier to go #1. It's why you'll see EXO, WannaOne, etc. spike back up to #1 on Melon when it's nighttime in Korea.

    Like right now, all those EXO-CBX and W1 tracks moving downward within the Top 30 is due to it becoming morning in Korea right now and it no longer just being zombie streamers:
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  7. As much as I think the group as a four piece are absolutely killing it, I can’t wait for Solji to comeback and I hope they re-record Night... and Lady with Solji for the Re:flower project.
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    I'm ok with Solji missing on the Eclipse tracks and Lady. They were clearly recorded with the 4 girls in mind, and play to their strengths. But I guess they will at least change the title tracks to accommodate future concerts.
  9. EXID giving lessons to other idols on how to perform the same song night after night after night (rather than day) and still look like you're totally 110% fuckin' into it:

    Jeonghwa and her irrepressible permagrin are infectious. The more I watch EXID the more I love her....
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    I think they truly fulfil that trite kpop PR idea of "unique charms". Each member is necessary, talented and seem very happy with what their are doing, not to mention confident.

    Edit: I love this pre-recorded track for Lady.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Ah yeah.... ah yeah... ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah....

    I'm totally there... LV is my second home.
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  12. Just discovered this fancam where the clean instrumental of Up and Down was played by accident and they had to perform completely live.

    Solji and LE
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  13. Also, Jeonghwa and Potato have noticeably improved since this video, which is so so awesome to see. I love a good underdog rising story.

  14. Solji having not one fuck left to give and cry laughing through the whole performance.

    I miss her so much.
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  15. So much so that Jeonghwa was a contestant on King of Masked Singer a few weeks back - making EXID the only girl group ever to have had all their members participate on the show.

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    Fuck, EXID are really special, aren’t they?
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    Leader LE recommending plastic surgery for your watermelon head.


    I love them.
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  19. Honestly I picked the best group to stan.
  20. Definitely. Can't wait to see them Saturday in Vegas.
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