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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. They're seriously the best girl group ever, don't @ me.
  2. It really hasn't sunk in that I'm going to be fifty feet away from them in four days.

    And if they do "Cream" there might have to be a clean up in row five at the Cosmopolitan....
  3. 20180609_173003.jpg
    kinda surreal...
  4. EXID at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas:
    On the way there... EXID on a full size Las Vegas Bvd. marquis. Like I said, surreal.
    My shitty camera shots:
    Why don't y'shit mah baybay... 덜덜덜... 덜덜덜... 덜덜덜... 덜덜덜... 덜덜덜... 덜덜덜...
    Hyelin belts out both her and Solji's parts, which worked, I guess, because they're usually back to back. You don't get a sense of how powerful her voice is until you hear it live. She really let it rip. They all sang really well. That was my most lasting impression. LE, in particular, adlibbed more than I think I've ever heard before...
    Tak Jae-hoon interviewed them with an interpreter, who skipped a few parts. I think he made some inappropriate comments, since he had the members blushing a few times. At first, he called them a "four member group" to which Cotton Oppa, that babo migug, could be heard shouting "five member group!" from the 11th row. Doing my part for Solji...
    Hani was really funny. And ridiculously sexy. I always knew she was but seeing her from a few feet away... My gawd... on a Jiyeon/Nana/Yuri level. She just can't help herself... at one point they broke out of their usual choreo and just sang freeform and even then, she was... she's really something. That's all I'll say.
    Lady, DDD, Ah Yeah, Hot Pink, Wee Ara Wee Wee Ara.... and that was it... on to Ailee who rocked the house... but that's for another thread... EDIT: And Hwang Chi-yeul, of course, who was adorable, but not really my thing, corny string ballads, all the dozens of middle-aged ladies from K-Town in the crowd LOVED him... It was really cute.

    Cotton Park reporting for K-PJ Action News. (A few days late, but hey, I was in Vegas... it was a blast as always... still recovering...)
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  5. He



    I’m glad you enjoyed it oppa!
  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
    What was the song that people lived for the most? Was it Up & Down?
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  7. It was an interesting crowd, definitely geared toward and marketed to the Korean community in Las Vegas more than KPop fans, I think. Way different vibe than Red Velvet's solo appearance in Chicago. Most of the people were there to see Hwang Chi Yeul, who is an old-school balladeer (and host of Immortal Songs, of which most of the crowd were fans of, it seemed). A lot of the younger fans left after Ailee. I could say I was disappointed that they only did five songs, but I kinda knew they weren't going to be on long. I was actually more disappointed that they didn't have their dancers - those six dudes and four women you always see them with - but having said all that (more than you probably wanted to know), they were very well received and all of their songs were equally and enthusiastically cheered.

    And they ended with a huge streamer explosion that went out into the crowd and people were tripping on all night...

    Oh! Biggest disappointment: Nothing from Eclipse. "Night Rather That Day" still battles Kim Lip's "Eclipse" for my favorite KPop song of 2017... but It's fine. I just needed an excuse to take a few days off and have a fun weekend in Vegas and I did.
  8. Considering the target audience, Night Rather Than Day would actually be a good fit on that setlist, no? I'm happy they were well received, and again, I'm happy you got to go see them - thank you so much for spilling the goods!
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    I love her so much. I hope they comeback soon with all 5.
  11. Fancam of Solji performing DDD

  12. God, she looks absolutely stunning. I'm so glad she's back and still killing it.

  13. One of the best intros ever and I'm so glad I found this loop so I can play the hell out of it.
  14. Impeccable. I had to use it for the first clip in the intro montages for our monthly KPJC rate video; it's so iconic.
    I'm actually doing a brand new intro, but you and this video just convinced me to keep the first clip in the montage. Thanks!

    I'll probably keep the last clip in the intro, in case anyone remembers that....
  15. Let me board on the EXID train because Night Rather Than Day goes off.
  16. He


    Try the EP it comes from. It's great.

    T͎͖̣̦̳̥̝͞H̩̩͍̭E͙̲̪͎̤͔̥ ̗̳̬̞S̻̜͎̹͢ͅO̜N̳͠G H̵Ḁ͖͕͓̹S̖̪̞̻̹̙̕ ҉̹T̹̞̹͚̠̕H̟̱̻͖E̩͈̱̗̖̙͖ ̴͎̬̘ͅH̻̯̖͢I̬G̞͔̰͎̤H̪̥̬̥̩̜̹É̱͈S̲͓̜̬̲͍̲͝T̩̫͔͍̠ ̜͠NO͇̮T͍̜͚̰̱EȘ͖͖̱͕͎͉͢ ̩̳̘͜E̢̤̮̰V̩̭͍̀E̡̯͇̜̩̜R̝̖̗̠̖̜̕

  18. [​IMG]
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